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Using 🤗 Datasets

Once you’ve found an interesting dataset on the Hugging Face Hub, you can load the dataset using 🤗 Datasets. You can click on the Use in dataset library button to copy the code to load a dataset.

First you need to Login with your Hugging Face account, for example using:

huggingface-cli login

And then you can load a dataset from the Hugging Face Hub using

from datasets import load_dataset

dataset = load_dataset("username/my_dataset")

# or load the separate splits if the dataset has train/validation/test splits
train_dataset = load_dataset("username/my_dataset", split="train")
valid_dataset = load_dataset("username/my_dataset", split="validation")
test_dataset  = load_dataset("username/my_dataset", split="test")

You can also upload datasets to the Hugging Face Hub:


This creates a dataset repository username/my_new_dataset containing your Dataset in Parquet format, that you can reload later.

For more information about using 🤗 Datasets, check out the tutorials and how-to guides available in the 🤗 Datasets documentation.