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Static HTML Spaces

Spaces also accommodate custom HTML for your app instead of using Streamlit or Gradio. Set sdk: static inside the YAML block at the top of your Spaces file. Then you can place your HTML code within an index.html file.

Here are some examples of Spaces using custom HTML:

  • Smarter NPC: Display a PlayCanvas project with an iframe in Spaces.
  • Huggingfab: Display a Sketchfab model in Spaces.

Space variables

Custom environment variables can be passed to your Space. OAuth information such as the client ID and scope are also available as environment variables, if you have enabled OAuth for your Space.

To use these variables in JavaScript, you can use the window.huggingface.variables object. For example, to access the OAUTH_CLIENT_ID variable, you can use window.huggingface.variables.OAUTH_CLIENT_ID.

Here is an example of a Space using custom environment variables and oauth enabled and displaying the variables in the HTML: