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Paper Pages

Paper pages allow people to find artifacts related to a paper such as models, datasets and apps/demos (Spaces). Paper pages also enable the community to discuss about the paper.

Linking a Paper to a model, dataset or Space

If the repository card ( includes a link to a paper on arXiv, the Hugging Face Hub will extract the arXiv ID and include it in the repository’s tags. Clicking on the arxiv tag will let you:

  • Visit the Paper page.
  • Filter for other models or datasets on the Hub that cite the same paper.

Claiming authorship to a Paper

The Hub will automatically match paper to users based on their email.

If your paper is not linked to your account, you can click in your name in the corresponding Paper page and click “claim authorship”. This will automatically re-direct to your paper settings where you can confirm the request. The admin team will validate your request soon. Once confirmed, the Paper page will show as verified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control which Paper pages show in my profile?

Yes! You can visit your Papers in settings, where you will see a list of verified paper. There, you can click the “Show on profile” checkbox to hide/show it in your profile.

Do you support ACL anthology?

We’re starting with Arxiv as it accounts for 95% of the paper URLs Hugging Face users have linked in their repos organically. We’ll check how this evolve and potentially extend to other paper hosts in the future.

Can I have a Paper page even if I have no model/dataset/Space?

Yes. You can go to the main Papers page, click search and write the name of the paper or the full Arxiv id. If the paper does not exist, you will get an option to index it. You can also just visit the page replacing with the arxiv id of the paper you wish to index.