Hugging Face
The social AI who learns to chit-chat, talks sassy and trades selfies with you.
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Tech & science
Our science contributions
We’re on a journey to build the first truly social artificial intelligence. Along the way, we contribute to the development of technology for the better.
Meta-learning for language modeling
Thomas Wolf et al.
ICLR 2018

Cutting-edge research

Our workshop paper on Meta-Learning a Dynamical Language Model was accepted to ICLR 2018 πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ. We use our implementation to power πŸ€—.
State-of-the-art coreference resolution


Our coreference resolution module is now the top open source library for coreference. You can train it on your own dataset and language.
State-of-the-art emotion detection
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