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Announcing Hugging Face NLP on Amazon SageMaker partnership. It’s now easy for startups and enterprises to build, train, and deploy advanced NLP applications at scale with minimal effort and significantly reduced time to market.

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🤗 Transformers Documentation: Amazon SageMaker

Hugging Face supports two integration points with Amazon SageMaker, the Hugging Face Deep Learning Containers (DLCs) and Hugging Face support in the SageMaker Python SDK.

With the Hugging Face DLCs, you will benefit from built-in performance for PyTorch and TensorFlow to train NLP models faster and with the flexibility to choose the Amazon EC2 instance with the best price/performance for your workload.

The DLCs are also fully integrated with the SageMaker distributed training libraries to remove bottlenecks and train models more quickly using the latest generation of accelerated computing instances available on Amazon EC2.

You can then use the SageMaker Python SDK to start training with just a single line of code, enabling your teams to move from idea to production more quickly.

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