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Hugging Face Spaces offer a simple way to host ML demo apps directly on your profile or your organization’s profile. This allows you to create your ML portfolio, showcase your projects at conferences or to stakeholders, and work collaboratively with other people in the ML ecosystem.

We support two awesome SDKs that let you build cool apps in Python in a matter of minutes: Streamlit and Gradio. For more custom demos, you can create static Spaces using JavaScript and HTML, or you can unlock the whole power of Docker and host an arbritary Dockerfile.

You’ll also be able to upgrade your Space to run on a GPU or other accelerated hardware. ⚡️



Feel free to ask questions on the forum if you need help with making a Space, or if you run into any other issues on the Hub.

If you’re interested in infra challenges, custom demos, advanced GPUs, or something else, please reach out to us by sending an email to website at

You can also tag us on Twitter! 🤗