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Gated models

To give model creators more control over how their models are used, the Hub allows users to enable User Access requests through a model’s Settings tab. Enabling this setting requires users to agree to share their contact information in order to access the model. The contact information is stored in a database, and model owners are able to download a copy of the user access report.

Note that to download a gated model you’ll need to be authenticated. You can log in by installing the huggingface_hub client library and running the following in your terminal:

huggingface-cli login

If you’re using a Jupyter or Colaboratory notebook, log in with the following Python command

from huggingface_hub import notebook_login

Then, ensure that your library uses the token. This is now the case by default in huggingface-maintained libraries.

However, on older versions of libraries, for example if using 🤗 Transformers with a version of huggingface_hub older than v0.10 you’ll need to pass use_auth_token=True when calling .from_pretrained().

Modifying the prompt

The User Access request dialog can be modified to include additional text and checkbox fields in the prompt. To do this, add a YAML section to the model’s file (create one if it does not already exist) and add an extra_gated_fields property. Within this property, you’ll be able to add as many custom fields as you like and whether they are a text or checkbox field. An extra_gated_prompt property can also be included to add a customized text message.

extra_gated_prompt: "You agree to not use the model to conduct experiments that cause harm to human subjects."
 Company: text
 Country: text
 I agree to use this model for non-commerical use ONLY: checkbox

The file for a model is called a model Card. Visit the documentation to learn more about how to use it and to see the properties that you can configure.

Additional Customization

In some cases, you might also want to modify the text in the heading of the gate as well as the text in the button. For those use cases you can modify extra_gated_heading and extra_gated_button_content.

extra_gated_heading: "Acknowledge license to accept the repository"
extra_gated_button_content: "Acknowledge license"