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Spaces Changelog

[2022-12-15] - Spaces supports Docker Containers

[2022-12-14] - Ability to set a custom sleep time

[2022-12-07] - Add support for Streamlit 1.15

[2022-06-07] - Add support for Streamlit 1.10.0

[2022-05-23] - Spaces speedup and reactive system theme

  • All Spaces using Gradio 3+ and Streamlit 1.x.x have a significant speedup in loading.
  • System theme is now reactive inside the app. If the user changes to dark mode, it automatically changes.

[2022-05-21] - Default Debian packages and Factory Reboot

  • Spaces environments now come with pre-installed popular packages (ffmpeg, libsndfile1, etc.).
    • This way, most of the time, you don’t need to specify any additional package for your Space to work properly.
    • The packages.txt file can still be used if needed.
  • Added factory reboot button to Spaces, which allows users to do a full restart avoiding cached requirements and freeing GPU memory.

[2022-05-17] - Add support for Streamlit 1.9.0

  • All 1.x.0 versions are now supported (up to 1.9.0).

[2022-05-16] - Gradio 3 is out!

  • This is the default version when creating a new Space, don’t hesitate to check it out.

[2022-03-04] - SDK version lock

  • The sdk_version field is now automatically pre-filled at Space creation time.
    • It ensures that your Space stays on the same SDK version after an updatE.

[2022-03-02] - Gradio version pinning

  • The sdk_version configuration field now works with the Gradio SDK.

[2022-02-21] - Python versions

  • You can specify the version of Python that you want your Space to run on.
  • Only Python 3 versions are supported.

[2022-01-24] - Automatic model and dataset linking from Spaces

  • We attempt to automatically extract model and dataset repo ids used in your code
  • You can always manually define them with models and datasets in your YAML.

[2021-10-20] - Add support for Streamlit 1.0

  • We now support all versions between 0.79.0 and 1.0.0

[2021-09-07] - Streamlit version pinning

  • You can now choose which version of Streamlit will be installed within your Space

[2021-09-06] - Upgrade Streamlit to 0.84.2

[2021-08-10] - Upgrade Streamlit to 0.83.0

[2021-08-04] - Debian packages

  • You can now add your apt-get dependencies into a packages.txt file

[2021-08-03] - Streamlit components

[2021-08-03] - Flax/Jax GPU improvements

  • For GPU-activated Spaces, make sure Flax / Jax runs smoothly on GPU

[2021-08-02] - Upgrade Streamlit to 0.82.0

[2021-08-01] - Raw logs available

  • Add link to raw logs (build and container) from the space repository (viewable by users with write access to a Space)