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Jupyter Notebooks on the Hugging Face Hub

Jupyter notebooks are a very popular format for sharing code and data analysis for machine learning and data science. They are interactive documents that can contain code, visualizations, and text.

Rendering Jupyter notebooks on the Hub

Under the hood, Jupyter Notebook files (usually shared with a .ipynb extension) are JSON files. While viewing these files directly is possible, it’s not a format intended to be read by humans. The Hub has rendering support for notebooks hosted on the Hub. This means that notebooks are displayed in a human-readable format.

Before and after notebook rendering

Notebooks will be rendered when included in any type of repository on the Hub. This includes models, datasets, and Spaces.

Launch in Google Colab

Google Colab is a free Jupyter Notebook environment that requires no setup and runs entirely in the cloud. It’s a great way to run Jupyter Notebooks without having to install anything on your local machine. Notebooks hosted on the Hub are automatically given a “launch in Google Colab” button. This allows you to open the notebook in Colab with a single click.

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