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At Hugging Face, we build a collaboration platform for the ML community (i.e., the Hub), and we monetize by providing simple access to compute for AI, with services like AutoTrain, Spaces and Inference Endpoints, directly accessible from the Hub, and billed by Hugging Face to the credit card on file.

We also partner with cloud providers like AWS and Azure to make it easy for customers to use Hugging Face directly in their cloud of choice. These solutions and usage are billed directly by the cloud provider. Ultimately we want people to be able to have great options to use Hugging Face wherever they build Machine Learning.

All users and organizations accounts have a billing system set up. You can submit your payment info and then access “pay-as-you-go” services.

From the Settings > Billing page, you can see a real time view of your usage across different HF services:

Any feedback or support request related to billing is welcome at website at