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Downloading models

Integrated libraries

If a model on the Hub is tied to a supported library, loading the model can be done in just a few lines. For information on accessing the model, you can click on the “Use in Library” button on the model page to see how to do so. For example, distilgpt2 shows how to do so with 🤗 Transformers below.

Using the Hugging Face Client Library

You can use the huggingface_hub library to create, delete, update and retrieve information from repos. You can also download files from repos or integrate them into your library! For example, you can quickly load a Scikit-learn model with a few lines.

from huggingface_hub import hf_hub_download
import joblib

FILENAME = "sklearn_model.joblib"

model = joblib.load(
    hf_hub_download(repo_id=REPO_ID, filename=FILENAME)

Using Git

Since all models on the Model Hub are Git repositories, you can clone the models locally by running:

git lfs install
git clone<MODEL ID> # example: git clone

If you have write-access to the particular model repo, you’ll also have the ability to commit and push revisions to the model.

Add your SSH public key to your user settings to push changes and/or access private repos.