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Access control in organizations

You can set up Single Sign-On (SSO) to be able to map access control rules from your organization’s Identity Provider.

Members of organizations can have four different roles: read, contributor, write or admin:

  • read: read-only access to the Organization’s repos and metadata/settings (eg, the Organization’s profile, members list, API token, etc).

  • contributor: additional write rights to the subset of the Organization’s repos that were created by the user. I.e., users can create repos and then modify only those repos. This is similar to the write role, but scoped to repos created by the user.

  • write: write rights to all the Organization’s repos. Users can create, delete or rename any repo in the Organization namespace. A user can also edit and delete files from the browser editor and push content with git.

  • admin: in addition to write rights on repos, admin members can update the Organization’s profile, refresh the Organization’s API token, and manage Organization members.

As an organization admin, go to the Members section of the org settings to manage roles for users.