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State-of-the-art Machine Learning for real-world robotics

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LeRobot, Hugging Face Robotics Library


State-of-the-art machine learning for real-world robotics

🤗 LeRobot aims to provide models, datasets, and tools for real-world robotics in PyTorch. The goal is to lower the barrier for entry to robotics so that everyone can contribute and benefit from sharing datasets and pretrained models.

🤗 LeRobot contains state-of-the-art approaches that have been shown to transfer to the real-world with a focus on imitation learning and reinforcement learning:

🤗 LeRobot already provides a set of pretrained models, datasets with human collected demonstrations, and simulated environments so that everyone can get started. In the coming weeks, the plan is to add more and more support for real-world robotics on the most affordable and capable robots out there.

🤗 LeRobot hosts pretrained models and datasets on this HuggingFace community page: