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How to use Stable Diffusion on Habana Gaudi

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How to use Stable Diffusion on Habana Gaudi

🤗 Diffusers is compatible with Habana Gaudi through 🤗 Optimum Habana.


  • Optimum Habana 1.3 or later, here is how to install it.
  • SynapseAI 1.7.

Inference Pipeline

To generate images with Stable Diffusion 1 and 2 on Gaudi, you need to instantiate two instances:

When initializing the pipeline, you have to specify use_habana=True to deploy it on HPUs. Furthermore, in order to get the fastest possible generations you should enable HPU graphs with use_hpu_graphs=True. Finally, you will need to specify a Gaudi configuration which can be downloaded from the Hugging Face Hub.

from optimum.habana import GaudiConfig
from optimum.habana.diffusers import GaudiDDIMScheduler, GaudiStableDiffusionPipeline

model_name = "stabilityai/stable-diffusion-2-base"
scheduler = GaudiDDIMScheduler.from_pretrained(model_name, subfolder="scheduler")
pipeline = GaudiStableDiffusionPipeline.from_pretrained(

You can then call the pipeline to generate images by batches from one or several prompts:

outputs = pipeline(
        "High quality photo of an astronaut riding a horse in space",
        "Face of a yellow cat, high resolution, sitting on a park bench",

For more information, check out Optimum Habana’s documentation and the example provided in the official Github repository.


Here are the latencies for Habana Gaudi 1 and Gaudi 2 with the Habana/stable-diffusion Gaudi configuration (mixed precision bf16/fp32):

Latency Batch size
Gaudi 1 4.37s 4/8
Gaudi 2 1.19s 4/8