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Utilities for Fully Sharded Data Parallelism

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Utilities for Fully Sharded Data Parallelism


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( checkpoint_dir: str output_path: str safe_serialization: bool = True remove_checkpoint_dir: bool = False )


  • checkpoint_dir (str) — The directory containing the FSDP checkpoints (can be either the model or optimizer).
  • output_path (str) — The path to save the merged checkpoint.
  • safe_serialization (bool, optional, defaults to True) — Whether to save the merged weights with safetensors (recommended).
  • remove_checkpoint_dir (bool, optional, defaults to False) — Whether to remove the checkpoint directory after merging.

Merge the weights from sharded FSDP model checkpoints into a single combined checkpoint. Should be used if SHARDED_STATE_DICT was used for the model. Weights will be saved to {output_path}/model.safetensors if safe_serialization else pytorch_model.bin.

Note: this is a CPU-bound process.

class accelerate.FullyShardedDataParallelPlugin

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( sharding_strategy: typing.Any = None backward_prefetch: typing.Any = None mixed_precision_policy: typing.Any = None auto_wrap_policy: Optional = None cpu_offload: typing.Any = None ignored_modules: Optional = None state_dict_type: typing.Any = None state_dict_config: typing.Any = None optim_state_dict_config: typing.Any = None limit_all_gathers: bool = True use_orig_params: bool = True param_init_fn: Optional = None sync_module_states: bool = True forward_prefetch: bool = False activation_checkpointing: bool = False )

This plugin is used to enable fully sharded data parallelism.

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