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This pre-trained model is work in progress! Model weight download will be available in the future.

A 6.8 billion parameter pre-trained model for Japanese language, based on EleutherAI's Mesh Transformer JAX, that has a similar model structure to their GPT-J-6B pre-trained model.

EleutherAIによるMesh Transformer JAXをコードベースとした、GPT-J-6Bに似たストラクチャと約68.7億パラメータを持つ日本語pre-trainedモデルです。

  • We used T5Tokenizer and SentencePiece instead of GPT-2/3 tokenizer. Normalization done by SentencePiece is must for Japanese tokenizing as there are so much many more variations for common symbols than Western languages.
  • Tokenizer has a vocabulary of 52,500 tokens and trained on Japanese Wikipedia dump as of 01 Aug 2021.
  • The model fits within 16GB VRAM GPUs like P100 for inference up to 1688 context length. Full 2048 context length output requires 20GB VRAM or more (e.g. GTX3090/A5000).
  • The model was trained with TPUv3-128 generously provided by Google TRC for about 4 weeks. We are currently formatting additional datasets and preparing for more training time.


Hyperparameter Value
n_parameters 6,876,450,080
n_layers 32
d_model 4,096
d_ff 16,384
n_heads 16
d_head 256
n_ctx 2,048
n_vocab 52,512
position encoding Rotary position encodings (RoPE)
RoPE dimensions 64


We recommend to use finetuneanon's forked transformer codebase for inferencing as split checkpoint loads up a lot faster than monolithic checkpoint supported by HuggingFace Transformers repository.

The tokenizer still uses 50256 as the <|endoftext|> substitute. Therefore 50256 should be excluded when inferencing.


Lack of quality Japanese corpus was one of the major challenges when we trained the model. We aimed to compile well-formatted corpuses outside of Common Crawl.

The dataset is normalized and sanitized against leading and trailing spaces, excessive CR/LF repetitions.

The whole dataset is about 400GB (as of October 2021) and 106B tokens (compared to 825GB/300B tokens for The Pile).

** Common Crawl

** Books

  • 140GB Web Fictions, non-fictions and blogs corpus
  • 5GB Books and Aozora Bunko corpus (weighted 2x)

** News

  • 1GB Scientific news, medical news and web news corpus

** Wikipedia

  • Aug 2021 3GB Assorted and Deduplicated Japanese Wikipedia (weighted 2x)
  • Aug 2021 Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikiversity and Wikivoyage

** Other Corpuses

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