Community Events

Apr 29, 2023 Meet-up on Generative AI Free meet-up in collaboration with NVIDIA to discuss the bleeding egde from the world of Generative AI. Mar 23, 2023 How to build Machine Learning apps with Hugging Face Free workshop hosted by DeepLearning.AI for developers learn how to build with ML without the Ops. Mar 13, 2023 Ethics & Society: Making Intellicence – Ethical Values in ML Benchmarks A Discord Q&A with Leif Hancox-Li, PhD and Borhane Blili-Hamelin, PhD! Mar 8, 2023 (IRL San Francisco) Building Generative AI Products with AWS and HuggingFace Free event in downtown SF hosted by AWS to learn how to use Hugging Face with SageMaker Mar 5, 2023 Keras Dreambooth Event Kick-off Session with talks on diffusers & KerasCV Free talks with Francois Chollet, Nataniel Ruiz, Apolinario Passos and Merve Noyan. Feb 16, 2023 How Witty Works leverages Hugging Face to scale inclusive language? This webinar will teach you how Witty Works leverages Hugging Face for text classification use cases. Dec 15, 2022 NLP with Transformers Reading Group Want to learn how to apply transformers to your use-cases and how to contribute to open-source projects? Join our reading group! Dec 14, 2022 Few-Shot Learning in Production Join researchers from Hugging Face and Intel Labs for a workshop about training and deploying few-shot language models. Dec 13, 2022 Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback From Zero to ChatGPT We will cover the basics of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) and how this technology is being used to enable state-of-the-art ML tools like ChatGPT Dec 5, 2022 Whisper Fine Tuning Sprint Help us bring SoTA Whisper architecture to 70+ languages. Join our Whisper fin-tuning sprint from Dec 5th - 19th!