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Jan 24 to Feb 7, 2022 Robust Speech Recognition Challenge Community event in which robust speech recognition systems in many languages are created. Jan 21, 2022 XLS-R, Large-Scale Cross-lingual Speech Representation Learning on 128 Languages Changan Wang, from Meta AI Research, is one of the authors of the XLS-R, a large-scale model for cross-lingual speech representation learning based on wav2vec. Jan 21, 2022 The Common Voice Dataset Gabriel Habayeb, from Mozilla Common Voice, will join us to speak about the Common Voice Dataset. Jan 19, 2022 ML for Audio Study Group - ML4Audio - pyctcdecode, A simple and fast speech-to-text prediction decoding algorithm Watch a presentation about pyctcdecode, a fast and feature-rich CTC beam search decoder for speech recognition. Jan 7 & 8, 2022 Intro to Transfer Learning, end-to-end deployment with TFX, and demo with Streamlit Are you a TF user and would like to learn about Transformers and building cool demos? This is for you! Jan 4, 2022 ML for Audio Study Group - Text to Speech Deep Dive Vatsal and VB provide a high level overview of how TTS is solved and share more about the history of the domain. Dec 21, 2021 ML for Audio Study Group - Intro to Audio and ASR Deep Dive Watch a high level overview of audio data and its challenges and learn about transcribing audio files. Dec 18, 2021 GDG Cloud San Francisco DevFest - BigScience Learn about the BigScience project, a one year research workshop on large multilingual datasets and language models. Dec 17, 2021 Pretraining Language Models & CodeParrot Leandro and Merve explain how to pre-train language models and Code Parrot, a model that can write code. Dec 14, 2021 ML for Audio Study Group - Kick Off Intro to ML for Audio. Learn about Automatic Speech Recognition and Text to Speech. Dec 10, 2021 Question Answering workshop Course special session where Lewis and Merve will go through notebooks, course material and answer your questions. Dec 8, 2021 On Sentiments and Biases Join Merve & Vincent in this talk on Sentiments and Biases in Hugging Face models! Nov 30, 2021 Implementing DietNeRF with JAX and Flax. Learn about NeRF, JAX+Flax, 3D reconstruction, HF Spaces, and more! Nov 15, 2021 Course launch event! Talks from Thom Wolf, Margaret Mitchell, Jay Alammar, and many more! Nov 8, 2021 Open Source Office Hours In this 30 minutes session the team will share the latest updates from our open source tools and answer questions from the community. Nov 5, 2021 T0 Discussion with Victor Sanh Learn about the T0, a model for zero-show task generalization Oct 22, 2021 NLP with Transformers and the Hugging Face Ecosystem 🤗 In this workshop, learn the core concepts behind Transformers and how to train these models in the Hugging Face ecosystem.