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Good at handling NLT tasks, Chinese mT5-small.

模型分类 Model Taxonomy

需求 Demand 任务 Task 系列 Series 模型 Model 参数 Parameter 额外 Extra
通用 General 自然语言转换 NLT 燃灯 Randeng mT5 77M 中文-Chinese

模型信息 Model Information

我们基于mT5-small,训练了它的中文版。为了加速训练,我们仅使用T5分词器(sentence piece)中的中英文对应的词表,并且使用了语料库自适应预训练(Corpus-Adaptive Pre-Training, CAPT)技术在悟道语料库(180G版本)继续预训练。预训练目标为破坏span。具体地,我们在预训练阶段中使用了封神框架大概花费了8张A100约24小时。

Based on mT5-small, we implement its Chinese version. In order to accelerate training, we only retrain the vocabulary and embedding corresponding to Chinese and English in T5tokenizer (sentence piece), and Corpus-Adaptive Pre-Training (CAPT) on the WuDao Corpora (180 GB version). The pretraining objective is span corruption. Specifically, we use the fengshen framework in the pre-training phase which cost about 24 hours with 8 A100 GPUs.

使用 Usage

from transformers import T5ForConditionalGeneration, AutoTokenizer
import torch

tokenizer=AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained('IDEA-CCNL/Randeng-T5-77M', use_fast=false)

引用 Citation


If you are using the resource for your work, please cite the our paper:

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