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2021年11月22日, IDEA 研究院创始人兼理事长沈向洋在IDEA大会上正式宣布启动“封神榜”大模型开源体系。“封神榜”是由 IDEA-CCNL 的工程师、研究人员、实习生团队共同维护的一项长期开源计划。项目基于Apache 2.0开源许可,计划包括封神榜模型封神框架还有封神榜单三个部分。封神榜的模型可以在 HuggingFace 社区中免费下载和使用,封神框架可以通过访问我们的GitHub获得: Fengshenbang-LM 。封神榜单将会在未来数月内完善并正式公布。


On November 22nd, 2021, Harry Shum, the Founder and Chairman of the IDEA (International Digital Economy Academy) officially announces the launch of "Fengshenbang" open source project. "Fengshenbang" is an ongoing effort maintained by the team of engineers, researches and interns at IDEA-CCNL. Based on the Apache 2.0 license, this project includes three parts: Fengshenbang Model, Fengshen Framework and Fengshenbang Benchmark. Fengshenbang Model can be downloaded and used for free in the HuggingFace community, the Fengshen Framework can be obtained by visiting our GitHub: Fengshenbang-LM. Fengshen Benchmark will be improved and officially announced in the next few months.

"Fengshenbang" will re-examine the entire Chinese pre-trained model open-source community, promote the development of the entire Chinese large-scale model community. We aspire to be the Foundation of Chinese Cognitive Intelligence.