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Baseline Model trained on model_tuning_mindallee8kmcfjz to apply classification on labels

Metrics of the best model:

accuracy 0.806000

recall_macro 0.416887

precision_macro 0.391691

f1_macro 0.397991

Name: LogisticRegression(C=0.1, class_weight='balanced', max_iter=1000), dtype: float64

See model plot below:

Pipeline(steps=[('easypreprocessor',EasyPreprocessor(types=                 continuous  dirty_float  ...  free_string  useless

temperatures False False ... False False superconditions True False ... False False is_megas False False ... False False feature_0 True False ... False False feature_1 True False ... False False ... ... ... ... ... ... feature_763 True False ... False False feature_764 True False ... False False feature_765 True False ... False False feature_766 True False ... False False feature_767 True False ... False False[771 rows x 7 columns])),('logisticregression',LogisticRegression(C=0.1, class_weight='balanced',max_iter=1000))])

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Disclaimer: This model is trained with dabl library as a baseline, for better results, use AutoTrain.

Logs of training including the models tried in the process can be found in logs.txt

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