Create powerful AI models without code

A new way to automatically train, evaluate and deploy state-of-the-art Machine Learning models.

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Machine Learning made simple

Train custom machine learning models by simply uploading data.

Automatic training

AutoTrain will find the best models for your data automatically.

Fast deployment

Your models are available on the Hugging Face Hub, and ready to serve.

  • Tasks available in AutoTrain:
  • Image classfication
  • Text Classification
  • Token Classification
  • Question Answering (extractive)
  • Translation
  • Summarization
  • Text Regression
  • Tabular Data Classification
  • Tabular Data Regression

How does it work?

Create a new project

Choose a task and you're ready to go!

Create a new AutoTrain project

Upload your data

We support csv and json file formats

Upload your data to AutoTrain

Start auto-trainings

AutoTrain automatically finds the best models for your data

AutoTrain automatically finds the best models for your data

Track models progress

Monitor and track models performance

Monitor and track models performance

Use your models

With dedicated HTTP endpoints

curl "" \
	-X POST \
	-d '{"inputs": "The scale, variety, and quantity of publicly-available NLP datasets has grown rapidly as researchers propose new tasks, larger models, and novel benchmarks."}'

Customer stories

AutoTrain is the first AutoML tool we have used that can compete with a dedicated ML Engineer. This allows us to spend our time on research and improving data filters/generation, which is game-changing for a small team like ours. The integration with the HuggingFace ecosystem is great, and adds a lot of value even if you host the models yourself.

Sam Havens - Director of NLP Engineering, Writer

HuggingFace's AutoTrain tool chain is a step forward towards Democratizing NLP. It offers non-researchers like me the ability to train highly performant NLP models and get them deployed at scale, quickly and efficiently.

Kumaresan Manickavelu - NLP Product Manager, eBay

AutoTrain has provided us with zero to hero model in minutes with no experience required.

Ben Nimmo - Founder & CTO, Orlo


What is AutoTrain?
AutoTrain is an automatic way to train and deploy state-of-the-art Machine Learning models, seamlessly integrated with the Hugging Face ecosystem.
What Machine Learning tasks are available for training?
Available today: text classification, text regression, entity recognition, summarization, question answering, translation and tabular.
Which model languages are available?
Available today: English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Hindi, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese... And more!
How is my training data secure?
Your training data stays on our server, and is private to your account. All data transfers are protected with encryption.
How much does it cost?
Based on how much training data and model variants are created, we send you a compute cost and payment link - as low as $10 per job.
What training data formats are supported?
CSV, TSV or JSON files, hosted anywhere. We delete your training data after training is done.