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Catalan BERTa (RoBERTa-base) finetuned for Named Entity Recognition.

The roberta-base-ca-cased-ner is a Named Entity Recognition (NER) model for the Catalan language fine-tuned from the BERTa model, a RoBERTa base model pre-trained on a medium-size corpus collected from publicly available corpora and crawlers (check the BERTa model card for more details).


We used the NER dataset in Catalan called Ancora-ca-ner for training and evaluation.

Evaluation and results

We evaluated the roberta-base-ca-cased-ner on the Ancora-ca-ner test set against standard multilingual and monolingual baselines:

Model Ancora-ca-ner (F1)
roberta-base-ca-cased-ner 88.13
mBERT 86.38
XLM-RoBERTa 87.66
WikiBERT-ca 77.66

For more details, check the fine-tuning and evaluation scripts in the official GitHub repository.


If you use any of these resources (datasets or models) in your work, please cite our latest paper:

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