sDPO: Don't Use Your Data All at Once

Published on Mar 28
· Featured in Daily Papers on Mar 29


As development of large language models (LLM) progresses, aligning them with human preferences has become increasingly important. We propose stepwise DPO (sDPO), an extension of the recently popularized direct preference optimization (DPO) for alignment tuning. This approach involves dividing the available preference datasets and utilizing them in a stepwise manner, rather than employing it all at once. We demonstrate that this method facilitates the use of more precisely aligned reference models within the DPO training framework. Furthermore, sDPO trains the final model to be more performant, even outperforming other popular LLMs with more parameters.


why it works?

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It's not clear to me from the Ablation whether this is just a function of learning rate cycling - like has been well explored in the CV literature.

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