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Foundational Architectures, Multi-Modality, Interpretability, Benchmarking w/ simulations, Robotics, Integration with Non envasive Open Source stack RISC-V BCI. Extremely high quality training data. Fully Open Source ML/AI.


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Hello world!

I'd like to share with you all today some specific Research about the Brain & some surface level thoughts

Music (Frequencies)
Brain2Music: Reconstructing Music from Human Brain Activity (2307.11078)

Decoding speech from non-invasive brain recordings (2208.12266)

Seeing through the Brain: Image Reconstruction of Visual Perception from Human Brain Signals (2308.02510)
DreamDiffusion: Generating High-Quality Images from Brain EEG Signals (2306.16934)
NeuroPictor: Refining fMRI-to-Image Reconstruction via Multi-individual Pretraining and Multi-level Modulation (2403.18211)

NeuroCine: Decoding Vivid Video Sequences from Human Brain Activties (2402.01590)
Cinematic Mindscapes: High-quality Video Reconstruction from Brain Activity (2305.11675)

MinD-3D: Reconstruct High-quality 3D objects in Human Brain (2312.07485)

Potential Opportunities For BCI

DreamGaussian4D: Generative 4D Gaussian Splatting (2312.17142)

Realistic High Quality Video
Sora: A Review on Background, Technology, Limitations, and Opportunities of Large Vision Models (2402.17177)


Reading minds is cool & useful but could be utilized for many things other than thought interrogation 👀

Current Co pilots are Boring! & have much untapped potential & also people don't seem to want autonomous agents replacing them although it is inevitable for some cases

I believe if humans want to become an interplanetary species that can utilize our accumulative research we need to extend our brain with technology in order to be smarter. Imagine a Co-pilot for your head, Adding extra ‘RAM’ to the brain, or even Processing external data within the brain.

Ok people are afraid of implanting computer chips within their brains, what if someone hacks it ? , the invasive possibilities are crazy!

How can we ensure Safety & Interpretability in brain computer interfaces
1. External Non Invasive Brain Computer interfaces [ think similar to (overpriced IMO & Hardware is closed source proprietary, who knows what they’re doing 👁️) ]
2. Full Reproducible Open-Source Stack Brain computer interface down to the hardware, operating system, and application level.
3. Maybe you can't, there may always be a risk of danger, though not as consequential with 1 & 2


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