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The Stable Diffusion 3 research paper broken down, including some overlooked details! 📝

📏 2 base model variants mentioned: 2B and 8B sizes

📐 New architecture in all abstraction levels:
- 🔽 UNet; ⬆️ Multimodal Diffusion Transformer, bye cross attention 👋
- 🆕 Rectified flows for the diffusion process
- 🧩 Still a Latent Diffusion Model

📄 3 text-encoders: 2 CLIPs, one T5-XXL; plug-and-play: removing the larger one maintains competitiveness

🗃️ Dataset was deduplicated with SSCD which helped with memorization (no more details about the dataset tho)

🔁 A DPO fine-tuned model showed great improvement in prompt understanding and aesthetics
✏️ An Instruct Edit 2B model was trained, and learned how to do text-replacement

✅ State of the art in automated evals for composition and prompt understanding
✅ Best win rate in human preference evaluation for prompt understanding, aesthetics and typography (missing some details on how many participants and the design of the experiment)

Paper: https://stabilityai-public-packages.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Stable+Diffusion+3+Paper.pdf