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monsoon-nlp Nick Doiron
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How to use this model directly from the 🤗/transformers library:

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from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModel tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("monsoon-nlp/hindi-bert") model = AutoModel.from_pretrained("monsoon-nlp/hindi-bert")
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Releasing Hindi ELECTRA model

This is a first attempt at a Hindi language model trained with Google Research's ELECTRA. I don't modify ELECTRA until we get into finetuning

Tokenization and training CoLab

Blog post

I was greatly influenced by:



The corpus is two files:

Bonus notes:

  • Adding English wiki text or parallel corpus could help with cross-lingual tasks and training


Bonus notes:

  • Created with HuggingFace Tokenizers; could be longer or shorter, review ELECTRA vocab_size param


Structure your files, with data-dir named "trainer" here

- vocab.txt
- pretrain_tfrecords
-- (all .tfrecord... files)
- models
-- modelname
--- checkpoint
--- graph.pbtxt
--- model.*

CoLab notebook gives examples of GPU vs. TPU setup

Using this model with Transformers

Sample movie reviews classifier:

Slightly outperforms Multilingual BERT on these Hindi Movie Reviews from