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We would like to announce our Aurora-M multilingual models which is based on Starcoderplus.
Blog post:
Arxiv: Aurora-M: The First Open Source Multilingual Language Model Red-teamed according to the U.S. Executive Order (2404.00399)

Current LLMs are very susceptible to generating toxic, harmful and even dangerous content. They can also generate outputs with gender or racial biases. The Biden-Harris Executive Order sets forth guidelines on what is considered a safe AI system.
Following up on these guidelines, we present the world's first open source Biden-Harris Executive Order Red teamed Multilingual Language Model: Aurora-M. Inspired by BigScience, the model is trained on 5 languages: English, Hindi, Japanese, Vietnamese and Finnish.

* Red teamed model: aurora-m/aurora-m-biden-harris-redteamed tuned according to the order mentioned above)
* Base model: aurora-m/aurora-m-base (not safety tuned)
* Instruct model: aurora-m/aurora-m-instruct (not safety tuned)

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