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πŸ“£ I'm thrilled to announce "ALERT: A Comprehensive #Benchmark for Assessing #LLMs’ Safety through #RedTeaming" 🚨

πŸ“„ Paper:
πŸ—ƒοΈ Repo:
πŸ€— ALERT benchmark: Babelscape/ALERT
πŸ€— ALERT DPO data: Babelscape/ALERT_DPO

As a key design principle for ALERT, we developed a fine-grained safety risk taxonomy (Fig. 2). This taxonomy serves as the foundation for the benchmark to provide detailed insights about a model’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities as well as inform targeted safety enhancements πŸ›‘οΈ

For collecting our prompts, we started from the popular
Anthropic's HH-RLHF data, and used automated strategies to filter/classify prompts. We then designed templates to create new prompts (providing sufficient support for each category, cf. Fig. 3) and implemented adversarial attacks.

In our experiments, we extensively evaluated several open- and closed-source LLMs (e.g. #ChatGPT, #Llama and #Mistral), highlighting their strengths and weaknesses (Table 1).

For more details, check out our preprint: πŸ€“

Huge thanks to @felfri , @PSaiml , Kristian Kersting, @navigli , @huu-ontocord and @BoLi-aisecure (and all the organizations involved: Babelscape, Sapienza NLP, TU Darmstadt, Hessian.AI, DFKI, Ontocord.AI, UChicago and UIUC)πŸ«‚


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