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We dedicate ourselves to bringing safe and effective data to AI training so that everyone can benefit from human knowledge. Our focus is data-centric ML focused on performance and legal compliance, pre-training and safety for large multimodal foundation models.

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About Ontocord.AI

Ontocord is building a secure, easy to use and scalable data-centered AI trainer and compliance checker devoted to helping everyone use safe and effective large multimodal foundation models. Our mission is to help make LLMs and LMMs easier to use and available to researchers, developers, enterprises and the open community. We forge responsible and powerful open science AI communities to enable our mission of safer and effective AI. Building bridges is in our DNA, so whether you are an infrastructure provider, a researcher, a business, a non-profit or an open science developer, we want to partner with you.

Our Recent Projects

  • SafeLMM
  • CulturaY
  • OpenAssistant
  • Aurora-m-v.0.1-biden-harris-redteam
  • Vistral-7b-chat
  • Red Pajama v1


Please reach out at:, or check out to learn more.