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What is PIISA?

We are Canadian Non-Profit that spawend from the BigScience Piracy Working Group. PIISA stands for a Personally Identifiable Information Standard Architecture. This open source and interoperableframework creates a standard designed to allow seamless interoperability between various PII processing frameworks.


Our mission statement stems from these facts:

Proper PII management is hard, and has many facets.

There are solutions available for PII processing, both open source and commercial

We might want to combine several solutions to achieve better results, or to adapt to specific use cases

However there is no practical way of achieving such combination, or of customizing solutions

Our approach has been let's define an architecture that decomposes the PII problem into blocks, and let's define interfaces between those blocks

Therefore the PIISA specification, and its reference implementation, tries to follow the approach of independent components that pass data between them to compose a full solution

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