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ai-msgbot: GPT2-XL-dialogue

GPT2-XL (~1.5 B parameters) trained on the Wizard of Wikipedia dataset for 40k steps with 33/36 layers frozen using aitextgen. The resulting model was then further fine-tuned on the Daily Dialogues for 40k steps, with 34/36 layers frozen.

Designed for use with ai-msgbot to create an open-ended chatbot (of course, if other use cases arise, have at it).

conversation data

The dataset was tokenized and fed to the model as a conversation between two speakers, whose names are below. This is relevant for writing prompts and filtering/extracting text from responses.

script_speaker_name = person alpha

script_responder_name = person beta


  • the default inference API examples should work okay
  • an ideal test would be explicitly adding person beta into the prompt text the model is forced to respond to instead of adding onto the entered prompt.


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