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Variance preserving stochastic differential equation (VP-SDE) scheduler

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Variance preserving stochastic differential equation (VP-SDE) scheduler


Original paper can be found here.

Score SDE-VP is under construction.


class diffusers.schedulers.ScoreSdeVpScheduler

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( num_train_timesteps = 2000 beta_min = 0.1 beta_max = 20 sampling_eps = 0.001 )

The variance preserving stochastic differential equation (SDE) scheduler.

~ConfigMixin takes care of storing all config attributes that are passed in the scheduler’s __init__ function, such as num_train_timesteps. They can be accessed via scheduler.config.num_train_timesteps. SchedulerMixin provides general loading and saving functionality via the SchedulerMixin.save_pretrained() and from_pretrained() functions.

For more information, see the original paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2011.13456