Dataset Summary:

Pig-latin machine and English parallel machine translation corpus.

Based on The Project Gutenberg EBook of "De Bello Gallico" and Other Commentaries

Converted to pig-latin with

Blank lines removed.

Dataset Structure

    train: Dataset({
        features: ['translation'],
        num_rows: 14778
    validation: Dataset({
        features: ['translation'],
        num_rows: 1000

Data Instances

    'eng': 'thrown into disorder they returned with more precipitation than is usual', 
    'engyay': 'own-thray into-ay isorder-day ey-thay eturned-ray ith-way ore-may ecipitation-pray an-thay is-ay usual-ay'

Data Fields

  • translation: a dictionary containing two strings paired with a key indicating the corresponding language.

Data Splits

  • train: most of the data, 13,232 samples total.
  • dev: 1k holdout samples, created with the datasets.train_test_split() function

Models trained or fine-tuned on cdleong/piglatin-mt

None yet