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{ "eng": "a turn, [our men] surround on every side, and slay those who had", "engyay": "a-ay urn-tay, [our-ay en-may] urround-say on-ay every-ay ide-say, and-ay ay-slay ose-thay o-whay ad-hay" }
{ "eng": "and at the instant. Having dismissed them, meeting both with wind and", "engyay": "and-ay at-ay e-thay instant-ay. aving-Hay ismissed-day em-thay, eeting-may oth-bay ith-way ind-way and-ay" }
{ "eng": "Corfinium, to Domitius Aenobarbus, and informed him that Caesar was", "engyay": "orfinium-Cay, o-tay omitius-Day enobarbus-Aay, and-ay informed-ay im-hay at-thay aesar-Cay as-way" }
{ "eng": "XXV.--When Caesar observed this, he ordered the ships of war, the", "engyay": "en-XXV.--Whay aesar-Cay observed-ay is-thay, e-hay ordered-ay e-thay ips-shay of-ay ar-way, e-thay" }
{ "eng": "should any one judge that he would so rashly depart from his duty? He", "engyay": "ould-shay any-ay one-ay udge-jay at-thay e-hay ould-way o-say ashly-ray epart-day om-fray is-hay uty-day? e-Hay" }
{ "eng": "committed to them the charge of his ships of war, which he had", "engyay": "ommitted-cay o-tay em-thay e-thay arge-chay of-ay is-hay ips-shay of-ay ar-way, ich-whay e-hay ad-hay" }
{ "eng": "such speed and such ardour, though they stood above the water by their", "engyay": "uch-say eed-spay and-ay uch-say ardour-ay, ough-thay ey-thay ood-stay above-ay e-thay ater-way y-bay eir-thay" }
{ "eng": "the hope of [making good their] defence was infused into the Remi, and,", "engyay": "e-thay ope-hay of-ay [aking-may ood-gay eir-thay] efence-day as-way infused-ay into-ay e-thay emi-Ray, and-ay," }
{ "eng": "a bill had been carried by the ten tribunes of the people", "engyay": "a-ay ill-bay ad-hay een-bay arried-cay y-bay e-thay en-tay ibunes-tray of-ay e-thay eople-pay" }
{ "eng": "falling on the foragers by surprise as they were dispersed without any", "engyay": "alling-fay on-ay e-thay oragers-fay y-bay urprise-say as-ay ey-thay ere-way ispersed-day ithout-way any-ay" }
{ "eng": "recruits and cavalry: he places Brutus, a young man, in command of these", "engyay": "ecruits-ray and-ay avalry-cay: e-hay aces-play utus-Bray, a-ay oung-yay an-may, in-ay ommand-cay of-ay ese-thay" }
{ "eng": "Italy. That part of them which separates Dauphiny from Piedmont was", "engyay": "aly-Itay. at-Thay art-pay of-ay em-thay ich-whay eparates-say auphiny-Day om-fray iedmont-Pay as-way" }
{ "eng": "the port, having espied him, weighed anchor, and pursued him. But of", "engyay": "e-thay ort-pay, aving-hay espied-ay im-hay, eighed-way anchor-ay, and-ay ursued-pay im-hay. ut-Bay of-ay" }
{ "eng": "that they had suffered an alarming scarcity at Alesia, and a much", "engyay": "at-thay ey-thay ad-hay uffered-say an-ay alarming-ay arcity-scay at-ay esia-Alay, and-ay a-ay uch-may" }
{ "eng": "built by Romulus, in the first year of the seventh Olympiad, B.C. 753", "engyay": "uilt-bay y-bay omulus-Ray, in-ay e-thay irst-fay ear-yay of-ay e-thay eventh-say ympiad-Olay, B.C-ay. 753" }
{ "eng": "XXXI.--Curio, censuring both measures, said, \"that the one was as", "engyay": "urio-XXXI.--Cay, ensuring-cay oth-bay easures-may, aid-say, \"at-thay e-thay one-ay as-way as-ay" }
{ "eng": "C. iii. 24; and in conjunction with Kalenus transports Caesar's troops", "engyay": "C-ay. iii-ay. 24; and-ay in-ay onjunction-cay ith-way alenus-Kay ansports-tray aesar's-Cay oops-tray" }
{ "eng": "hindered the enemy from attacking us. In the meantime the barbarians", "engyay": "indered-hay e-thay enemy-ay om-fray attacking-ay us-ay. In-ay e-thay eantime-may e-thay arbarians-bay" }
{ "eng": "make a loud noise in rowing. He himself, a little after, marched out in", "engyay": "ake-may a-ay oud-lay oise-nay in-ay owing-ray. e-Hay imself-hay, a-ay ittle-lay after-ay, arched-may out-ay in-ay" }
{ "eng": "the work. You can easily comply with the terms of this agreement by", "engyay": "e-thay ork-way. ou-Yay an-cay easily-ay omply-cay ith-way e-thay erms-tay of-ay is-thay agreement-ay y-bay" }
{ "eng": "France, on the river _Seine_", "engyay": "ance-Fray, on-ay e-thay iver-ray eine_-_Say" }
{ "eng": "encourage them. But he made use of the foot only for show; and sent the", "engyay": "encourage-ay em-thay. ut-Bay e-hay ade-may use-ay of-ay e-thay oot-fay only-ay or-fay ow-shay; and-ay ent-say e-thay" }
{ "eng": "assembly, that they would disband their forces within the three", "engyay": "assembly-ay, at-thay ey-thay ould-way isband-day eir-thay orces-fay ithin-way e-thay ee-thray" }
{ "eng": "IV.--He had made up nine legions of Roman citizens; five from Italy,", "engyay": "e-IV.--Hay ad-hay ade-may up-ay ine-nay egions-lay of-ay oman-Ray itizens-cay; ive-fay om-fray aly-Itay," }
{ "eng": "compressed, marked up, nonproprietary or proprietary form, including any", "engyay": "ompressed-cay, arked-may up-ay, onproprietary-nay or-ay oprietary-pray orm-fay, including-ay any-ay" }
{ "eng": "Therefore, in the general consternation, every man consulted his own", "engyay": "erefore-Thay, in-ay e-thay eneral-gay onsternation-cay, every-ay an-may onsulted-cay is-hay own-ay" }
{ "eng": "last election, Cavarillus, who had held the command of the infantry", "engyay": "ast-lay election-ay, avarillus-Cay, o-whay ad-hay eld-hay e-thay ommand-cay of-ay e-thay infantry-ay" }
{ "eng": "Hispalis, and took post in the market and public places without doing", "engyay": "ispalis-Hay, and-ay ook-tay ost-pay in-ay e-thay arket-may and-ay ublic-pay aces-play ithout-way oing-day" }
{ "eng": "and pre-eminent in the number of its population, he demanded 600", "engyay": "and-ay e-eminent-pray in-ay e-thay umber-nay of-ay its-ay opulation-pay, e-hay emanded-day 600" }
{ "eng": "XVIII.--He made levies throughout the province; and, having completed", "engyay": "e-XVIII.--Hay ade-may evies-lay oughout-thray e-thay ovince-pray; and-ay, aving-hay ompleted-cay" }
{ "eng": "not regard the enemy, but the fact, as the authority; that the Rhine was", "engyay": "ot-nay egard-ray e-thay enemy-ay, ut-bay e-thay act-fay, as-ay e-thay authority-ay; at-thay e-thay ine-Rhay as-way" }
{ "eng": "Britain, which is situated over against those regions.", "engyay": "itain-Bray, ich-whay is-ay ituated-say over-ay against-ay ose-thay egions-ray." }
{ "eng": "used to have continual disputes between them which of them should be", "engyay": "used-ay o-tay ave-hay ontinual-cay isputes-day etween-bay em-thay ich-whay of-ay em-thay ould-shay e-bay" }
{ "eng": "great difficulty, and a hard struggle of the tribunes, prevailed on to", "engyay": "eat-gray ifficulty-day, and-ay a-ay ard-hay uggle-stray of-ay e-thay ibunes-tray, evailed-pray on-ay o-tay" }
{ "eng": "route, desisted from his pursuit of Cassius, and hastened to relieve", "engyay": "oute-ray, esisted-day om-fray is-hay ursuit-pay of-ay assius-Cay, and-ay astened-hay o-tay elieve-ray" }
{ "eng": "they both called from on ship-board to Marcus Acilius and Statius", "engyay": "ey-thay oth-bay alled-cay om-fray on-ay ip-board-shay o-tay arcus-May ilius-Acay and-ay atius-Stay" }
{ "eng": "was on his side of the river. The generals of Pompey's army did almost", "engyay": "as-way on-ay is-hay ide-say of-ay e-thay iver-ray. e-Thay enerals-gay of-ay ompey's-Pay army-ay id-day almost-ay" }
{ "eng": "wing; where he perceived that his men were hard pressed, and that in", "engyay": "ing-way; ere-whay e-hay erceived-pay at-thay is-hay en-may ere-way ard-hay essed-pray, and-ay at-thay in-ay" }
{ "eng": "Helvetii. They thought that they should either persuade the Allobroges,", "engyay": "elvetii-Hay. ey-Thay ought-thay at-thay ey-thay ould-shay either-ay ersuade-pay e-thay obroges-Allay," }
{ "eng": "in order that he might not be compelled to waste the summer among the", "engyay": "in-ay order-ay at-thay e-hay ight-may ot-nay e-bay ompelled-cay o-tay aste-way e-thay ummer-say among-ay e-thay" }
{ "eng": "business being ended, as credit was beginning to fail in Italy, and the", "engyay": "usiness-bay eing-bay ended-ay, as-ay edit-cray as-way eginning-bay o-tay ail-fay in-ay aly-Itay, and-ay e-thay" }
{ "eng": "almost all the centurions of the other cohorts either wounded or slain,", "engyay": "almost-ay all-ay e-thay enturions-cay of-ay e-thay other-ay ohorts-cay either-ay ounded-way or-ay ain-slay," }
{ "eng": "ground, and the enemy extending themselves along the entire wall in", "engyay": "ound-gray, and-ay e-thay enemy-ay extending-ay emselves-thay along-ay e-thay entire-ay all-way in-ay" }
{ "eng": "Trin[)o]bantes, a people of ancient Britain, inhabitants of the counties", "engyay": "in[)o]bantes-Tray, a-ay eople-pay of-ay ancient-ay itain-Bray, inhabitants-ay of-ay e-thay ounties-cay" }
{ "eng": "completing their conquest. Having obtained their consent, he began to", "engyay": "ompleting-cay eir-thay onquest-cay. aving-Hay obtained-ay eir-thay onsent-cay, e-hay egan-bay o-tay" }
{ "eng": "their acquaintance and friends, by whom each might have the means of", "engyay": "eir-thay acquaintance-ay and-ay iends-fray, y-bay om-whay each-ay ight-may ave-hay e-thay eans-may of-ay" }
{ "eng": "danger) persisted in their resolution, they began to shout aloud, and", "engyay": "anger-day) ersisted-pay in-ay eir-thay esolution-ray, ey-thay egan-bay o-tay out-shay aloud-ay, and-ay" }
{ "eng": "king's consent.", "engyay": "ing's-kay onsent-cay." }
{ "eng": "his horse, they stood around him: if it was necessary to advance", "engyay": "is-hay orse-hay, ey-thay ood-stay around-ay im-hay: if-ay it-ay as-way ecessary-nay o-tay advance-ay" }
{ "eng": "post, and to be always in motion: with this hope, that by shifting his", "engyay": "ost-pay, and-ay o-tay e-bay always-ay in-ay otion-may: ith-way is-thay ope-hay, at-thay y-bay ifting-shay is-hay" }
{ "eng": "foragers to be called home at the tenth hour, and the horse to follow", "engyay": "oragers-fay o-tay e-bay alled-cay ome-hay at-ay e-thay enth-tay our-hay, and-ay e-thay orse-hay o-tay ollow-fay" }
{ "eng": "the towns ought to be burnt which were not secured against every danger", "engyay": "e-thay owns-tay ought-ay o-tay e-bay urnt-bay ich-whay ere-way ot-nay ecured-say against-ay every-ay anger-day" }
{ "eng": "longer arms or strength.", "engyay": "onger-lay arms-ay or-ay ength-stray." }
{ "eng": "remark which he made on the characteristic distinction of Caesar, in", "engyay": "emark-ray ich-whay e-hay ade-may on-ay e-thay aracteristic-chay istinction-day of-ay aesar-Cay, in-ay" }
{ "eng": "whose father had received the appellation of friend from our senate,", "engyay": "ose-whay ather-fay ad-hay eceived-ray e-thay appellation-ay of-ay iend-fray om-fray our-ay enate-say," }
{ "eng": "day he led his army to Utica, and encamped near the town. Before the", "engyay": "ay-day e-hay ed-lay is-hay army-ay o-tay ica-Utay, and-ay encamped-ay ear-nay e-thay own-tay. efore-Bay e-thay" }
{ "eng": "send auxiliaries of infantry and of cavalry. Having learned these", "engyay": "end-say auxiliaries-ay of-ay infantry-ay and-ay of-ay avalry-cay. aving-Hay earned-lay ese-thay" }
{ "eng": "above, is to a quick traveller, a journey of nine days. For it cannot be", "engyay": "above-ay, is-ay o-tay a-ay uick-qay aveller-tray, a-ay ourney-jay of-ay ine-nay ays-day. or-Fay it-ay annot-cay e-bay" }
{ "eng": "that they were men; and therefore that it was lawful for them to act", "engyay": "at-thay ey-thay ere-way en-may; and-ay erefore-thay at-thay it-ay as-way awful-lay or-fay em-thay o-tay act-ay" }
{ "eng": "and Brutii, by his lieutenants, and exacting a certain quota of horse", "engyay": "and-ay utii-Bray, y-bay is-hay ieutenants-lay, and-ay exacting-ay a-ay ertain-cay uota-qay of-ay orse-hay" }
{ "eng": "the house which served as for citadel, and commanded an avenue to the", "engyay": "e-thay ouse-hay ich-whay erved-say as-ay or-fay itadel-cay, and-ay ommanded-cay an-ay avenue-ay o-tay e-thay" }
{ "eng": "devoted himself, refused to die); Adcantuannus, [I say] endeavouring to", "engyay": "evoted-day imself-hay, efused-ray o-tay ie-day); antuannus-Adcay, [I-ay ay-say] endeavouring-ay o-tay" }
{ "eng": "9000; the Caleti, 10,000; the Velocasses and the Veromandui as many; the", "engyay": "9000; e-thay aleti-Cay, 10,000; e-thay elocasses-Vay and-ay e-thay eromandui-Vay as-ay any-may; e-thay" }
{ "eng": "towns rendered difficult; and if at any time perchance the Veneti,", "engyay": "owns-tay endered-ray ifficult-day; and-ay if-ay at-ay any-ay ime-tay erchance-pay e-thay eneti-Vay," }
{ "eng": "but secretly laid a plot against him, and despatched Achillas, captain", "engyay": "ut-bay ecretly-say aid-lay a-ay ot-play against-ay im-hay, and-ay espatched-day illas-Achay, aptain-cay" }
{ "eng": "Arm[)e]n[)i]a, a country of Asia, divided into the greater or lesser,", "engyay": "e]n[)i]a-Arm[)ay, a-ay ountry-cay of-ay ia-Asay, ivided-day into-ay e-thay eater-gray or-ay esser-lay," }
{ "eng": "in the different places were withstanding the enemy, some in one", "engyay": "in-ay e-thay ifferent-day aces-play ere-way ithstanding-way e-thay enemy-ay, ome-say in-ay one-ay" }
{ "eng": "being mortised in the inside with rows of beams, generally forty feet", "engyay": "eing-bay ortised-may in-ay e-thay inside-ay ith-way ows-ray of-ay eams-bay, enerally-gay orty-fay eet-fay" }
{ "eng": "LXXIII.--The day following, the generals of his opponents, being alarmed", "engyay": "e-LXXIII.--Thay ay-day ollowing-fay, e-thay enerals-gay of-ay is-hay opponents-ay, eing-bay alarmed-ay" }
{ "eng": "and free the Ubii from the invasion of the Suevi, having spent", "engyay": "and-ay ee-fray e-thay ii-Ubay om-fray e-thay invasion-ay of-ay e-thay uevi-Say, aving-hay ent-spay" }
{ "eng": "who took part with Caesar whilst victory was uncertain, take part with", "engyay": "o-whay ook-tay art-pay ith-way aesar-Cay ilst-whay ictory-vay as-way uncertain-ay, ake-tay art-pay ith-way" }
{ "eng": "unable to maintain their course, and had returned to the same port from", "engyay": "unable-ay o-tay aintain-may eir-thay ourse-cay, and-ay ad-hay eturned-ray o-tay e-thay ame-say ort-pay om-fray" }
{ "eng": "not obey; he distributes among them, man by man, the cattle, great", "engyay": "ot-nay obey-ay; e-hay istributes-day among-ay em-thay, an-may y-bay an-may, e-thay attle-cay, eat-gray" }
{ "eng": "liberality he purchased the affections of his army.", "engyay": "iberality-lay e-hay urchased-pay e-thay affections-ay of-ay is-hay army-ay." }
{ "eng": "Massilians, that of the left to Nasidius.", "engyay": "assilians-May, at-thay of-ay e-thay eft-lay o-tay asidius-Nay." }
{ "eng": "high, to be raised, with a communication to each other by galleries laid", "engyay": "igh-hay, o-tay e-bay aised-ray, ith-way a-ay ommunication-cay o-tay each-ay other-ay y-bay alleries-gay aid-lay" }
{ "eng": "whole night in extending their works, and turn their camp to ours. The", "engyay": "ole-whay ight-nay in-ay extending-ay eir-thay orks-way, and-ay urn-tay eir-thay amp-cay o-tay ours-ay. e-Thay" }
{ "eng": "issue, notwithstanding his life was at stake, and at one time saved only", "engyay": "issue-ay, otwithstanding-nay is-hay ife-lay as-way at-ay ake-stay, and-ay at-ay one-ay ime-tay aved-say only-ay" }
{ "eng": "the Germans into Gaul, G. vi. 12; lose the chief power, _ibid_.", "engyay": "e-thay ermans-Gay into-ay aul-Gay, G-ay. i-vay. 12; ose-lay e-thay ief-chay ower-pay, ibid_-_ay." }
{ "eng": "The soldiers, covered overhead by the floor, on the right and left by", "engyay": "e-Thay oldiers-say, overed-cay overhead-ay y-bay e-thay oor-flay, on-ay e-thay ight-ray and-ay eft-lay y-bay" }
{ "eng": "were present; for, to the rest, despite of everything, there was an", "engyay": "ere-way esent-pray; or-fay, o-tay e-thay est-ray, espite-day of-ay everything-ay, ere-thay as-way an-ay" }
{ "eng": "Menedemus, C. iii. 34", "engyay": "enedemus-May, C-ay. iii-ay. 34" }
{ "eng": "\"That, unless assistance were sent to him, he could not hold out any", "engyay": "\"at-Thay, unless-ay assistance-ay ere-way ent-say o-tay im-hay, e-hay ould-cay ot-nay old-hay out-ay any-ay" }
{ "eng": "", "engyay": "" }
{ "eng": "Bridge built by Caesar over the Rhine described, G. iv. 7", "engyay": "idge-Bray uilt-bay y-bay aesar-Cay over-ay e-thay ine-Rhay escribed-day, G-ay. iv-ay. 7" }
{ "eng": "they had got a favourable opportunity of destroying our whole cavalry.", "engyay": "ey-thay ad-hay ot-gay a-ay avourable-fay opportunity-ay of-ay estroying-day our-ay ole-whay avalry-cay." }
{ "eng": "occasion and any war occurs (which before Caesar's arrival was for the", "engyay": "occasion-ay and-ay any-ay ar-way occurs-ay (ich-whay efore-bay aesar's-Cay arrival-ay as-way or-fay e-thay" }
{ "eng": "his own kingdom, being called home by a neighbouring war, and a dispute", "engyay": "is-hay own-ay ingdom-kay, eing-bay alled-cay ome-hay y-bay a-ay eighbouring-nay ar-way, and-ay a-ay ispute-day" }
{ "eng": "exclaiming, \"Thus, and by this contact with the earth, do I take", "engyay": "exclaiming-ay, \"us-Thay, and-ay y-bay is-thay ontact-cay ith-way e-thay earth-ay, o-day I-ay ake-tay" }
{ "eng": "circumstance being announced, Caesar immediately ordered the baggage to", "engyay": "ircumstance-cay eing-bay announced-ay, aesar-Cay immediately-ay ordered-ay e-thay aggage-bay o-tay" }
{ "eng": "greater at Avaricum, and yet had returned victorious over mighty", "engyay": "eater-gray at-ay aricum-Avay, and-ay et-yay ad-hay eturned-ray ictorious-vay over-ay ighty-may" }
{ "eng": "XV.--The sail-yards [of the enemy], as we have said, being brought down,", "engyay": "e-XV.--Thay ail-yards-say [of-ay e-thay enemy-ay], as-ay e-way ave-hay aid-say, eing-bay ought-bray own-day," }
{ "eng": "they should consider it a disgrace if they abandoned the siege after", "engyay": "ey-thay ould-shay onsider-cay it-ay a-ay isgrace-day if-ay ey-thay abandoned-ay e-thay iege-say after-ay" }
{ "eng": "of the Treviri, he went thither and reviewed them. He made Titus", "engyay": "of-ay e-thay eviri-Tray, e-hay ent-way ither-thay and-ay eviewed-ray em-thay. e-Hay ade-may itus-Tay" }
{ "eng": "quit Ariminum and return to his province; but that he [Pompey] should", "engyay": "uit-qay iminum-Aray and-ay eturn-ray o-tay is-hay ovince-pray; ut-bay at-thay e-hay [ompey-Pay] ould-shay" }
{ "eng": "the wing, and he had a hundred and ten complete cohorts; these amounted", "engyay": "e-thay ing-way, and-ay e-hay ad-hay a-ay undred-hay and-ay en-tay omplete-cay ohorts-cay; ese-thay amounted-ay" }
{ "eng": "on writing; since it generally occurs to most men, that, in their", "engyay": "on-ay iting-wray; ince-say it-ay enerally-gay occurs-ay o-tay ost-may en-may, at-thay, in-ay eir-thay" }
{ "eng": "has himself taken a wife from among the Helvetii, and has given his", "engyay": "as-hay imself-hay aken-tay a-ay ife-way om-fray among-ay e-thay elvetii-Hay, and-ay as-hay iven-gay is-hay" }
{ "eng": "considerable; for he was a man of elegant habits, and in all parts of", "engyay": "onsiderable-cay; or-fay e-hay as-way a-ay an-may of-ay elegant-ay abits-hay, and-ay in-ay all-ay arts-pay of-ay" }
{ "eng": "Castulonensis Saltus, a city of Hispania Tarraconensis, _Castona la", "engyay": "astulonensis-Cay altus-Say, a-ay ity-cay of-ay ispania-Hay arraconensis-Tay, astona-_Cay a-lay" }
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Dataset Summary:

Pig-latin machine and English parallel machine translation corpus.

Based on The Project Gutenberg EBook of "De Bello Gallico" and Other Commentaries

Converted to pig-latin with

Blank lines removed.

Dataset Structure

    train: Dataset({
        features: ['translation'],
        num_rows: 14778
    validation: Dataset({
        features: ['translation'],
        num_rows: 1000

Data Instances

    'eng': 'thrown into disorder they returned with more precipitation than is usual', 
    'engyay': 'own-thray into-ay isorder-day ey-thay eturned-ray ith-way ore-may ecipitation-pray an-thay is-ay usual-ay'

Data Fields

  • translation: a dictionary containing two strings paired with a key indicating the corresponding language.

Data Splits

  • train: most of the data, 13,232 samples total.
  • dev: 1k holdout samples, created with the datasets.train_test_split() function
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