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We got up a five a.m. and took a 3 mile jaunt all around our neighborhood. It was great exercise and a great way to start the day! How did your day start today?
Phisqha alwa pachaw sartapxta ukatx utaj jak’an 3 millas ukaruw muytir sarapxta. Jichhürux kusapuniw ukham muytir sarañaxa! Jumatakist kunjamakis jichhüruxa?
You're shaming us mortals with that routine! I rolled out of bed, grabbed a cup of coffee, and watched the goats frolic while the sun came up. Are you working today?
Ukampix luarawinakat janiw p’inqasktati! Ikiñat sarta ukatx junt’uma apxarust ukawt kawrituanakaruw uñch’ukta. Jichür irnaqir saratati?
That sounds like a lot of fun! It is probably too late to jump in, but maybe I can come and watch? When and where will it be at?
¡Ukax kusist’añatakjamaway! Inas thuqht’añatakix ancha qhipäxchi, ukhamarus inas jutiristha, uñjiristha ¿Kuna pachänisa, kawkinkanisa?
Nope I've got the day off! I got up super early, but I have to admit that I will probably take a nap. Tell me more about these goats!
Janiwa, samart’awinitwa! Wali alwapuniw sartxa ukampirus inas winkurchixa. Uka kawritunakat yatiyaskakita!
I just had a rehearsal with my band. If you ever want to hear me play, let me know and I'll get you into one of our shows.
Wantajampiw yatiqasipkayatxa. Inas ist’añ munchisma, yatiyitataw ukatx jawillt’amawa.
It would be awesome to go to one of your shows! Do you have anything coming up?
Walikipuniw jutawa! Jutir urutak utjtamti?
I have a show 2 weeks from now. I can leave tickets at the door for you if you have time to come by. I know you are very busy since you are going back to school.
Akat 2 simanaruw utjitu. Punkuruw mantañ tikitanak jaytarapïma. Wali jan pachanikitapi nikixay yatiqañ utar kutxchitaxa.
Okay, cool! How long do your band's shows usually last? I just want to stay organized and plan out my schedule around it.
Walikiwa! Qawqhapachanis uka wantaman phunchhawipaxa? Pacha apst’asiñatakikiw yatiñ muntxa.
Our set is usually an hour long. I get it can be hard to stay organized. I am in school also, so I really have to keep my time managed. Are you happy to be going back to school?.
Mä pachañ yati. Ch’amakipachaw pacha apst’asiñaxa.Yatiqañ utankaraktwa ukatx pachax suma tupt’añatwa. Yatiqañ utar kut’xañatx kusisitatati?.
Nice, one hour seems like the perfect length. I've been very happy with the decision to return. I think it'll really open up some new job opportunities with more management responsibilities. I feel like finance is so impersonal and isolated nowadays and I love the idea of managing people.
Walikiwa, mä pachax askikipuniwa. Kut’axañatakix wali kusisitapunitwa. Juk’amp amuy thakhinkaw jist’artani. Finansanakax phuqhirinakatakiwa ukax wali askipuniw ukhamat apnaqañataki.
That sounds amazing! Will you be returning to Yale, or do you have another school in mind?
Musparkayawa! Yalerut kutxata jan ukax yaqhar sarañcha lup’iskta?
Probably not Yale, I'd like to stay closer to home this time, especially since I want to try and continue working while I attend.
Inas jani Yalerukchiniti, jichha manx utaj jak’arukiw mantañ munta, juk’ampins yatiqañkamax irnaqir sarañ munaskaktwa.
That makes a lot of sense. You will save so much money by staying close to home and continuing to work, especially since you just brought a new car. How do you like the new car?
Ukax walja amuyuniwa. Utam jak’an yatiqkasax irnaqañampix walja qullqi imataxa, mä machaq k’asku alastaxa. Kunjamakis machaq k’añaskuxa?
You can see me play at the Boston diamond right in the city if Boston. It will be at 3pm eastern time. Maybe you can bring Barnaby too?
Boston jach’a markanx Boston diamantwa anatir uñjitasma. 3:00 jayp’ükipana, Inti jalsu pachawa ¿Jumax inas Barnabyr irpanchisma?
The new car has been wonderful! It's got such a smooth but powerful ride! Have you ever driven a BMW? If not, you need to experience it sometime. They've got a heavenly road feel.
Machaq k’añaskux kusawa! Kusapuniw jalawayisa! Mä kutis BMW apnaqtati? Ukhamawa mä kutis yant’añasawa. Kusakipuniw apnaqañaxa.
I am sure. I have not had the chance to drive one. I can't wait to buy my first car as traveling is at the top of my list of things to do. I would love nothing more than to take a cross country road trip and than expand internationally. I have to put all these languages I am learning to good use you know.
Janiw mä kutis apnaqkti. Nayrïr k’añask alasiñatakix janiraw lup’kti. Niyakixay yaqha markanakar ch’usasiñax nayrïr amtachixa. Thakhinjam jalañax yamakis kusapunispawa. Kawkir arunakti yatiqtxa ukanak arsuñajaspawa yatati?.
An international trip would be a great way to use your language skills. Maybe you can start in Germany, rent a BMW, and drive through France into Spain? I'd love to travel like that sometime in the future when I've got more spare time.
Anqaxanakar sarañax kusaspawa ukhamat linguistica kankañs jach’anchaysnaxa. Inas Alemaniat qalltirista. BMW alkilasirit ukat Franciat Españ puriñkam sariristi? Akat qhiparux kunawsati pachanikirist ukax ch’usasiñamp sarañ muniristxa.
Have you played any other video games recently?
Jichhakix uñtañ anatañ anatatati?
I have been. Just the other day I started playing "Kingdom Come: Deliverance." Have you heard of it?
Nayrur uruw anatañ qallttxa "Kingdom Deliverance." Ukxat ist’iritati?
I haven't! I'm still obsessed with Call of Duty. Maybe that one could be my next video game.
Janiwa! ukampirus Call of Duty ukampikiw jichuntatasktxa. Inas akat qhipar anatañajachispa.
It's a little bit like Skyrim if it were set in the actual Middle Ages and no magic. Since you like Fallout, I think you will like it. I wish I was better at COD, but I just die so fast!
Niyas Skyrim ukar uñtataw edad media ukan anatatanxa. Kunjamti Call of Duty uka muntxa kipkarakiw maynir munasma. COD ukanx atipiriñ muniritxa, ukampirus jank’akiw aynacht’añ yatxa!
Haha that used to be me in COD, until I started playing daily and getting good. I'll give that game a try! Is gaming one of your favourite things to do?
Xaxa COD ukxa apnaqiriyatwa, may qalltasax sapüruw anatiriyatxa. Uka anatañx yant’awa! Jumatakix munkay wakiskir anatawiti?
I don't always have time, but I do enjoy it when I can. I guess I'm just so focused on my boyfriend. Do you have a significant other and is it serious?
Janiw pachanikti ukatx kunawsay pachanist ukhax anataraktwa. Munatajatak lup’isktxa. Munatanitati ukax ancha muspkayapi?
I guess you're a teacher too, so not a lot of time off. Yes! My husband and I are about to celebrate our one year anniversary! Going to New York. When are you planning on getting married?
Yatichiripachataw janicha, ukhamax janiw pachanikpachatati. Jisa chachajamp nayampix nayir mara phuqhaw amtañ jak’ankapxtwa! New York markar sarañataki. Kunawsas jakichasiñ amta?
Oh, I would never go on a road trip that far off without him. That is my baby haha. What day is it? I have some vacation time and I am really wanting a change of scenery!
Ay, nayax janiw ukham jayarux jan jupampix k’añask thakhïm sarkiristti. Jupaw wawajaxa xaxa ¿Kunürusa? ¡Samart’añ urunakaw utjitani, yaqha chiqar sarañ walpin munasktha!
Congratulations! I bet you will have so much fun! We are going to get married in July, but it's going to be a small event. We wanted to make sure we could still enjoy our vacation, but not take off any work.
Jallalla! Wli kusist’ataxa! Willka kutin jaqichasipxaxa, mä jisk’a wakichawikiniwa. Samarawinakat pacha apaqañ munapxyatxa, ukmapisn janiw irnaqw pacha apaqañ munapkti.
Wow that's coming up fast, how exciting! Summer weddings are my favourite since they're so pretty. How did you meet your boyfriend?
Waw jank’akiw apkataski, wali kusiskayawa ukampis wal uka phasinak muniritxa. Munataamar kunjams uñt’ta?
There was a festival downtown a couple years ago. He saw my car and asked me about it. Then we spent the rest of the time together. We really hit it off. How about your husband?
Markanx akat pä mara makiptataruw mä phunchawix utjäna. Jupax k’añaskux uñjatan ukan jiskt’itu. Ukat parlapxta. Sumakiw apasipxta. Chachamasti?
How romantic!! That's a good first meeting story. My husband and I met at the dog park. Our golden labs used to play together and I always thought he was cute. He eventually asked me for my number and we hit it off!
Kusa munasitanakamawa! Ukax nayrïr jikisiwit amtaskayawa. Chachajamp nayampix anunakan parkipan uñt’asipxta. Anunakajax ukhan wal anatsipxirinxa. Ukatx jakhux mayitu ukhamat sumak apasipxta!
Awwww. That is a beautiful story. We could write a book "Dogs and Cars: How we met our husbands!" Is your husband into roleplaying like you are?
Waww. Ukax mä isturyawa. Mä panka qillqapxsnaxa "Anunakata ukat k’añaskunakata: Kunjams chachanakasamp uñt'asipxtana!" Chachamarux anatañanakax justarakiti?
What is the last watch you bought?
Kawknïris qhipa alata rilujumaxa?
a vintage Bulova Valjoux 23. That is an old model of watch from a famous maker. It's not made any more. What a beauty! I was really luck to get it. How's third grade treating you this week?
mä nayra Bulova Valjoux 23. Nayra uñt’at riluj luririn modelowa. Janiw phawrikaskiti. Jiwakiwa! Jikxatañatakix surtinitwa. Kunjamakis aka simanas kimsïr graduxa?
That sounds like an expensive watch? How much was it? School is OK. Recess is my favorite part!
Jila chanin rilujmaw amuyasi? Qawqhansa? Yatiqañ utax walikiskiti. Nayax walpun muniritxa!
It wasn't too bad, about $750, and in moderately good condition. What do you play at recess? I hope kids still like to play outside and not just be on screens. I had so much fun at recess when I was in 3rd grade.
Janiw jani askikänti, niya $750, sumakiw jikxasinxa. Pachanikta ukhax kunampis anatta? Wawanakax anchakit anqan anatañ munapxaspa. Kimsïr krarunkayat ukhax jark’awinakax utjanwa.
That is a lot of money! I only get $25 a week for allowance from my parents. We do play outside on the playground and on the blacktop. I like going on the swings and playing kickball and basketball.
Ukax walja qullqiwa! Simananx tatajax $25 churiritu. Uta anqan llusq’a thakhin anatapxta. Wayllunk’usiñ ukatx kickball ukat baloncesto anatapxirïta.
It will be on May 8th 2021. I hope you can make it out. I will have a bone for Barnaby too!
2021 maran llamayu phaxsit 8 uru saraqkipanäniwa. Mistunisma ukax nayatakix walikipinïspawa ¡Barnabytakix mä ch’akhw apanïxa!
I liked kickball A LOT at your age. Wow, $25 a week!!!!!!!!! I only got $1/week at that age. Wow. What do you do with your allowance, generally!
Jumjamasax WALPUN kickball anatañx muniritxa. Waw, simanax $25!!!!!!! Ukapachax $1 ukhak katuqiritxa. Waw. Kunsa uktxa luriritaxa!
Only a dollar? I could only buy one candy bar with that. My parents make me save $10 of it, and I buy snacks and drinks from the school vending machine with the rest.
Mä dólara? Ukampix mä chukulatik alasiritxa. Awki taykajax $10 qillqi imayitu ukampix manq’añanak ukatx yatiqañ utan makina expendedora ukak alasiritxa.
If you don't mind advice, I'd save more of it. Either long term for important things like college, or even for toys or video games or whatever -- soda and snacks are a waste.
Iwxa arunakatï jan katuqañ munksta ukhaxa, imxakiristwa. Yatiqañ utanxa akat qhiparux wakisiniwa, jan ukax anatañataki, uñtañ anatañataki jan uakx yaqhanakatakisa—muxsa umanaka ukat laqa manq’anakas ch’usar thukhañakiwa.
Is buying soda and snacks really a waste? I like them, though. Maybe I'll save money for when we go to Disney World this summer. I can't wait to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
Muxsa uma ukat laqa manq’anakax ch’usar tukjañati? Muniritwa ukampirus Disney World sarañatakix qullqi imasiristwa. Mickey ukat Minnie Mouse ukar uñt’añatakix janiw suykxiristi!
Wow, Disney world! You'll have so much fun!
Disney ukar saram! Wal k’uchirt’asiniwayataxa!
I hope so! Have you ever been there?
Uka suyasktaxa! Mä kustis ukankayatati?
No, I've never had a chance. What rides to you want to go on?
Janiwa, janiw mä kutis sarkti. Kawnir muyt’awinaks munasma?
What brand of coffee do you drink?
Kawnïr kaphiys umtaxa?
Nothing special, usually the cheaper stuff at the supermarket. I do appreciate the better coffee products, but I'd rather not spend the cash
Janiw kuna askisa, supirmirkarunx juk’a chaninakani. Kaphiy muniristxa, ukatx janiw qullqi tukjañ munkti
That's reasonable. Maybe have one in a good coffee shop when you're travelling, I'll be travelling to Paris soon, how was your experience with Louvre?
Chiqawa. Kunwsati ch’uska ukhax inach musxa kaphiy umt’ä, París markaruw ch’usasixa, kunjamakis Louvre ukamp ixpirinsyamaxa?
That is so perfect! I can put in my leave for may 4th and head out that evening! I prefer to drive at night when I am not working. I can be there by friday night! Is there a local hotel that lets dogs stay that I can set up a night at?
¡Ukax wali khusawa! ¡Llamayu phaxsi 4 urutak iyawsäwix apsusiristha, arumaw misturistha! Arum apnaqañw muntha, jan irnaqktha ukja ¡Khayarux urür arumaw puriristha! ¿Kuna qurpachañ utas anump qhiparañatak utjiti, mä arump ukan qhiparañataki?
Lot's of good coffee in that City. I was mostly awed by the building, itself. What a space to be in!. It was great to see many of the old Masters, but I especially liked the Egypt collection. What are you going to Paris for?
Uka markanx walja kaphiyaw utji. Ukampisa, jach’a utat muspaskayatxa. Ukankañatakix jach’apuniwa!. Nayra yatichirinakar uñjañax kusapuniwa, Egipto markan apthapitap juk’ampis muntxa. Kunatakirak París markar sartasti?
Wow! I'm super excited! I'm going there for a school trip. What better way to learn but to go and see it myself! My trip to Spain was awesome, but Paris has a different vibe that I want to experience. Are you not busy with school? I'm surprise you get to travel a lot.
Waw! Ch’amachatapunitwa! Yatiqañ uta uñjiriw sartxa. Naya pachpa ukar sarasin uñjaniñax kusa yatiqawiwa! España markar saratajax musparkayawa, ukampins París markax mayjarakiwa. Yatiqañ utampix janit jani pachaniktati? Yaqha markankar saratamax muspayituwa.
Yes school is very consuming, but only another 8 months to get working. I haven't really travelled alot. I went to Europe once with a friend and that's about it. The dog keeps me from straying too far
Jisa yatiqañ utax pachtakiwa, ukatx 8 phaxsikiw irnaqañatakixa. Chiqapchas janiw sinti sarkti. Maykutix mayni masimpiw Europar sarta ukatx ukakiwa. Anunakatx janiw jithiqtañjakiti
I know how that feels! That's not too far from graduation. My lab pit bull is very clingy. What kind of dog do you have?
Amuytwa! Graduacionatakix janiw jayakxiti. Pit bull anujax jaqimp chikakiñ muni. Kawknïr kasata nunakanitasa?
I have a beagle, about 3 years. She is lots of fun and so well behaved. Are you still living with two dogs in the house?
Mä 3 marnak Beagle ukaw utjitu. Wali lart’ayasiriw ukatx ist’asirirakiwa. Utamanx pä anump jakaskaktati?
One of my twins hit his first homer today - not bad for a 5 year old! I was so proud.
Mayni ispakujax jichhürux nayrir jonrón uñt’ayi- 5 maranitakix janiw kuna jan walt’awikisa! Wali kusisitayatwa.
That's exciting! Does the other twin play baseball as well?
Ukax kusisiñawa! Mayni ispakux béisbol anatarakiti?
The other twin likes watching the other because they are really inseparable. They have a really strong bond. So, his sport is caring.
Mayni isparux uñch’ukiñax justiwa maynirusti janikiwa. Ukhamax anatwipax askin uñjañasa.
That's really cute to hear! One of my grandsons plays baseball as well.
Kusapuniw uka ist’añaxa! Mayni allchhinakajax béisbol anatapxarakiwa.
What is your grandsons baseball team name?
Allchhinakaman béisbol anatañ tamapax kuna sutinisa?
Nice. I try to, but I've been working on the two Mustangs. One is a 68 and the other is a 66 Hertz clone.
Khusawa. Nayax ukham lurañ yant’twa, ukhamarus paypach Mustangw luraskayätha. Mayax 68 kankañaniwa, mayast 66 Hertz clonarakiwa.
Yeah funny you ask about that. We have so so many dog lovers in the city of Boston that there is a chain of hotels that allow you to book a room for you pet too! Isn't that just wild?
Jisa, ukham jiskht’atamax laruñjamawa ¡Boston jach’a markanx walja anu munasirinakaw utjistu, ukatw walja qurpachañ utanakax munat uywamamp kun qhiparañamatak mä utx mayt’añ yatipxi! ¿Pampanx jakasitäkasp ukhamaxaya?
He plays for a team called the Wildcats. How did you get in to coaching?
Wildcats sutin tamatakiw anati. Kunjams yatsuyañar purtaxa?
The previous coach was the father of another player and my best friend. I now am in charge of the team to help bring things into a natural calmness like before when he was here. Things seems to be going well.
Nayrir yatsuyiri yaqha antarin tatapanäwa ukhamarus suma jaqinäwa. Nayaw jichhax aka tamar yanakapä taqi kunas askinjamañapataki kunawsatix jupax akankan ukhax. Walikjamakiw sarantataski.
I'm glad things seem to be going well. What is your baseball team's name?
Taqinkunas askinjam sarantatapatx kusistwa. Kuna sutinis wiyswul anatir tamamaxa?
Our baseball team name is Pirates. The children like the idea of doing what they want so as a team we decided that the name will be of people with the most freedom and that happened to be a pirate.
Wiyswul anatatir tamaxan sutipax Piratas satäwa. Wawanakatakix kuntix lurañ munapki ukax kust’atäwa, ukatwa qhitinakatix anatir tamjamax jan jark’atapki ukanakamp chikañachasitatwa Pirata sutin uñsti.
That's an interesting philosophy for the naming of a team. Do you plan on having any more children?
Ukaw muspkay amuyux mä anatir tama sutiyañatakixa. Juk’amp wawaniñt amtaskta?
I don't plan on having any more children. I wanna focus on the kids I have right now.
Janiw juk’amp wawaniñ amtkti. Wawanakaxa utjki ukarur jichhax chuym churaxa.
That's a noble sentiment. I have my hands full with my grandchildren regularly.
Ukaw chuyma churañ wakiskirixa. Amparaxas phuqt’atakiw allchhinak utjaskipanxa.
Have you always been a fan of New Kids On the Block?
New Kids On the Block ukar chuyma churatapuniyätati?
Yes I have! I've listened to NKOTB since the early 1990s. I love their songs "Hangin' Tough" and "Step by Step". Do you like New Kids on the Block?
¡Utjituwa! NKOTB ukatx 1990ka ukhanakatpachwa ist’xa. "Hangin' Tough" ukhamarak "Step by Step" jayllinakapax nayatakix kusawa. New Kids on the Block ukx muntati?
They are ok, I would rather listen to underground rap. Do you like it?
Walikiwa, rap underground uk isch’ukiñ muniristxa. Muntati?
Actually, that is really amaze balls. I cannot believe that it would be so easy. If there is one with a pool that allows dogs, I would love their info. He loves to swim with me, and I have not been able to find a local hotel to swim at with him so we always have to go to the river but the currents make me kind of uneasy.
Chiqapachans, ukax wali muspharkayawa. Janiw ukham jasakïniw sasin amuykayätti. Anunak katuqapki uka tuyuñ qhuthañax utjchi ukax ukxat yatiñ muniristha. Jupax nayamp tuyuñ muniri, janiw mä qurpachañ utx jupamp tuyuñatakjam jikxatktti, ukhamax jawirarukipiniw sarañ yatipxtha, ukhamarus jalkir umaw llakisiyitu.
I do like rap, but I don't know much about underground rap. In my dance class, we do a routine set to "Bad and Boujee" by Migos. Which underground rappers do you listen to?
Rap uk isch’ukiñ muntxa, ukatx janiw sumpin rap underground ukat yätkti. Sapurunjamaw "Bad and Boujee" de Migos thuquñ yatiqäwijanx isch’ukiptxa. Kun rap underground uks isch’ukiptaxa?
I like J Dilla. I've been listening to him for awhile now. I just had chilli cheese fries. They are awesome.
J Dilla uk isch’uktxa. Nayranakatpach ukx isch’ukiskayätxa. Wayk’amp millk’imp niyaw manq’antxa. Kust’atapuniwa.
I'll give J Dilla a listen on YouTube later. Chili cheese fries sound yummy. My favorite type of French fries are disco fries with mozzarella cheese and gravy.
Youtube tuqit J Dilla ukx juk’amp jayp’uruw ist’a. Wayk’amp millk’impix wali kusjampuniwa. Nayan wali munataxa muruq’ ch’uqithixit millk’imp, mozzarella, salsampiwa.
Wow, fries with gravy are really popular around here too. I thought it was just a local thing. Do you make them yourself or do you get them from a restaurant?
Waw, akanx ch’uqithixitamp salsampix wali manq’atawa. Mawjanakch manq’apkpachä saw amuyaskayata. Juma pachpat lurta jan ukax maq’añ utatch alantaxä?
I like to get them from the local diner. My dance class goes there every Friday evening after class.
Manq’añ utat alaniñaw kusaxa. Thuquñ yatiqäñ utar sapa wirnis arum sarañ chiqawjankiwa.
That sounds fun. I like cereal also. How often do you eat it?
Ukax kusjamawa. Jamp’inakax nayatakix kusarakikiwa. Kunjams sapurunjamax manq’asta?
I eat Raisin Bran and a banana every morning. Sometimes, I have cereal as a late-night snack, too. What's your favorite cereal?
Sapa alwaw Raisin Bran ukjamarak puqutamp manq’astxa. Yaqhip pachax, jamp’inak arum tuqirux manq’astxa. Kawkhir jamp’s wal manq’astaxa?
My favorite is Honeycombs. I have them a couple times a week. So do you still play with your lite brite?
Wali mank’asitajax Panalawa. Simaman paykutiw manq’aspachätxa. Ukat, lite brite ukamamp antaskaktati?
I haven't played with my Lite Brite since I was about 10. It's still up in my attic gathering dust. I have good memories of it, though.
Janiw 10 maranikayat ukhatpach Lite Brite ukx anatxti. Atikuxan q’ala pulpuntat imataskiwa. Ukatx, wali amtañanakaw utjitu.
I might be going to Colorado for a gymnastics tournament!
¡Colorado tuqiruw mä anataw jimnasyar sarisitxa!
Yeah they do actually have a play area for you and your dog, including a pool. That cost extra though. Just google Paws and Friends hotel in Boston and you will find there contact info on there website.
Jisa, chiqpachas jumampitak anumampitakiw ukanx anatañawjax utji, mä tuyuñ qhuthañ kuna. Ukhamarus, ukax juk’amp chaniniwa. Paws and Friends sutin qurpachañ uta Googlen Botonankañatak thaqhtam, llika chiqapanx jupanakamp aruskipt’añatakiw yatiyäw jikxatäta.
I still am so impressed that you won a gold medal. We should get together soon and meet up at a great Italian restaurant. Would you like to do that?
Mä quri mitalla atipatamatx jichhakamax musparatakisktwa. Mä manq’añ italiano utan mapit tantasisana. Ukax jumatak walispati?
I'd love to! That sounds wonderful! Know of anywhere I can get some good garlic bread? I think that's my favorite part of any Italian restaurant!
¡Kusapunispawa! ¡kust’atapuniw amuyasi! Kawkhans ajusat lurat t’ant jikxataristxa juma uñjtati? ¡ukax nayan kawnir manq’añ italiano utaskpas wali munatapuniwa!
Well when you get to Colorado we can meet. I just need to get a sate you will be here. Since yo may be coming to Colorado I can drive pretty much anywhere in the state to meet you consideing you will have travelled a ways to get to Colorado. I know of a bunch of great places that have delicious garlic bread. I live near Aspen. Do you know if you will be flying into Aspen or Denver?
Walikiwa, kunawsatix Colorador purinkat ukhaw jikisnaxa. Nayax jutatati ukak yatiñ muntxa. Janiw Colorado ukanak jikisksnati, nayax aka markanx kawkharus jutakiristwa jumamp tantasiñataki, Colorado jutañat sipansa. Ajusat t’anta lurat aljañ manq’a utanakx walja chiqawjanakan uñjtxa. Aspen uka jak’an jakastxa. Aspen jan ukax Denver ukar jutañ uk yattati?
I was thinking Denver but I could probably fly into Aspen if it's easier. I don't want you to have to drive too far! Denver just seemed to have more flights and be a bigger airport but I think that they were the same price! I'm not sure when it will be. I'm hoping next month. How's the weather in Colorado in May?
Denver ukar jutañ amuyaskayatxa, niyapunix Aspenaruw jasikisp ukhax jalaniristxa. ¡Janiw wali jaya q’iwiniñam munkti! Denver tuqin sarañan juk’amp awiyunaw utjasmachixa ukampirus jach’aw jiru jamach’i jaltañapaxa, ¡chanipax pachpakjamakinwa! Janiw kunawsas jutiristx ukx yatkt’i. Jutir phaxs suyt’a. Mayu phaxsinx kunjamas pachaxa?
Yeah Denver is HUGE! It is also very beautiful. The weather is really warm in May- not too hot- not too cold. We can also go hiking if you want- I rock climb in a place not too far from Denver. I may not be much of a gymnast but i can climb a rock like a pro.
¡Ukhamaw, Denverax jach’awa! jiwakirakiwa. Mayu phaxsinx pachax wali junt’uwa, janirakiw sinti junt’ukis thayakarakisa. Muyt’iritix sarañ munstax sararaksnawa. Denver tuqinx qarqanakaruw makhatir sariritxa. Inas jan wali jimnastjamisristsa, ukampirus makhatiristwa.
I've gotten a bit out of shape since my Olympic days but I think I could still handle a good hike! It would probably be good for me to get some high intensity exercise in! I've been a bit lazy lately and after all that garlic bread and alfredo sauce I'm going to need to do something to burn off some calories!! What's the highest mountain you've hiked?
Anatañanakanx janiw chikañchhaskxayätti, ¡ukampirus kayu sarasax jaypachanakx saraskiristwa! ¡nayatakix wali askipunispaw uka kast anatawinakaxa! Aka qhipa urunakax mawk’it jayrantatatwa ukatxarux ajusat lurat t’ant’akp, salsa alfredompix kuns lurapunixaw jump’suñatakixa. Kawniris jach’a qullur makhatatamaxa?
Oh- I thought you were coming to Colorado for a gymnastics tournament. Are you a participant of a coach now? When you were in the Olympics what was you strong point? I mean did you do floor routine- bars or horse. I think it is called horse-lol- but I know so little about gymnastics so I may be wrong.
Ah, Colorado jimnasya anatawiruw jutan sasaw lup’isktxa. Jichhax jumax mä yatintayirinitati? kunawsatix anatawinakan chikankaskayata ukhaxa, Kunans jumax wali kust’atayata? Sañ muntxa, pampana, umañutanakana jan ukax qaqilut sarnaqañancha? Amuyatätx qaqilut jalnaqañanwa, jimnasya tuqit juk’ak yätxa ukat pantasiristwa.
Floor was always my strong event. I loved to tumble! I'm a coach now! I just tell other people to do the hard work and I stand back and watch! Which is how I've gotten a little out of shape! People call the vault a variety of things - horse is one of them! I've competed on beam and bars too but floor will always have my heart!
Pampax nayan amuyt’axapuninwa. ¡Muytañx munapuniyatwa! ¡Jichhax mä yatsuyiritwa! ¡Yaqha jaqinakarux ch’ama irnaqaw lurapxam siristwa ukatx nayax qhiparuw qhipara uñjañataki! ¡Ukax mawk’it nayax janiw nayrjamaxti! Jaqix kuna yänakats wuwita tuqirux jawsaskakiwa, ¡Maya ukax qaqiluwa! Lawa, wara patxän jalnaqañanx chikañchasiwayaraktwa, ¡Pampax nayan chuymaxankapuniniwa!
Haha- yeah I guess with your love of Italian food you probably are better off coaching. And as far as you previous question about the highest mountain I have hikes- I really do not climb high mountains as I rock climb but I have hiked to the top of Crestone Peak Mountain in Colorado. It took a lot out of me and like you, I am not in as good a shape as I used to be.
Xaxa, ukhamawa, amuyatatatx italiana manq’ampix niyapuniw yatintataxa. Nayrir jiskt’awimxarux kawnir jach’a qullunakar makhatañxatx, chiqpachanx janiw jach’a qullunakar makhatirikti, niyas Colorado Crestone Peak uka qullurux makhatatawa. Wali ch’amapuninawa, jumjam jichhax janiw nayrjamax makhatirjamaqxti.
I bet the view was amazing though! Do you ever get altitude sickness? I always hear about that with people who climb up to high points in Colorado!
¡Ukhamipanxa, uñatatt’asiñax musparkañapachanwa! May kutis qullu patar makhatatatx janit mayjt’ayktamxa? ¡Ukhatx qhitinakatix Colorado jach’a qullur makhatapki ukanakatx ist’apuniritwa!
I don't mind the extra cost. It isn't like I have actual kids to take care of haha. All my extra money and time goes into my buddy. He even helps when I volunteer at the pet shelter! Good times. Ok, What is the weather like that way? I will need to pack accordingly.
Janiw juk’amp jila payllañax llakisiykituti. Janiw chiqpachas uñjañatakis wawanïkiristh ukhamäkiti xaxa. Jupa uywa masijampiw inäktha ukjax qamartha, jilt’kit uka qullqis jupatakiwa ¡Uywa uñjañ utan yanapt’ir sarktha ukjax jupax yamakis yanapt’ituwa! Khusa pachänwa. Walikiwa, ¿ukhamatx pachax kunjamasa? Ukhamax yänakax apthapïya.
The view was amazing! No I never get altitude sickness- knock on wood- I think because I took so freaking long getting to the top that my body acclimated to the higher altitude. So let me know when you will be coming so I can make plans on meeting up with you. I can hardly wait to see you!
¡Uñatatt’asiñax musparkañapuninwa! Janiw, kunawsas jach’a qullur makhatasax mayxt’awaykti, kunats janix mak purkpachatxä janchixaw uka qullu pacharjam kikipt’awayi. Ukhamax, kunawsatix jutkat ukxatx sanitataw jumamp tantasiñ amtañataki!
Do you ever enter road races with your bike?
Kunawsas siklump jalañanakanx chikañchasiritati?
I have not. I thought about it but I would need more practice for that. I hear sometimes people race in New York City. I imagine that would be hard with the crowds.
Janiw kunawsas. Lup’iyätwa ukatakix juk’amp jichuntañaw wakisispa. Yaqhip pachax Nueva York markan jaqinakax jalapxix sat ist’iritxa. Amuyatatx waljanipix ch’amaspawa.
I have hear they do some racing here but I have not seen it personally. What type of biking do you do then?
Akan jalañ atipt’asiwix utjiw sasaw ist’xa, nayapunix janiw uñjkti. Kuna kast siklut jalañs yättaxa?
I mostly do leisurely biking. I wanted to get the best bike I could since I dont have a car and that would be my only was of getting around, but I love just taking rides for fun.
Juyart’asiñatakikiw siklismx lurtxa. Jan k’añaskunitaxatx suma sikluniñ munayätxa ukhamipanx ukax taqi chiqar sarañatakispawa, juyart’asiñatak muyt’añx walpin muntxa.
That sounds like a great pastimte. I would like to try that, but riding for pleasure does not make a lot of sense to me inside the city. Are there very scenic places that you ride?
Ukax inaktan ukhatakix wali askipuniwa. Yant’añ muniristxa, nayatakix markan aliqak siklur sillantañax janiw kusjamakiti. Kawkhantix siklur sillantkta uka chiqanakax wali samiñchatati?
That is very true. I like to ride in the state park. There are so many bike routes you can take. Since I attend school virtually I have more free time since I don't have to travel.
Ukax chiqawa. Istatal parkin sillantañaw kusaxa. Walxa chiqawjanakaw sillantañatak utji. Kunjamatix jisk’a yatiqañ utan yätichawix llikatuqitapatx juk’amp pachaw utjitu, janixay jaya sarañajaqchitixa.
I start business school next year, maybe I can take a nice trip before I start and visit some state parks and enjoy something different for awhile.
Aljasiñ yatiqäñ utx jutir maran qalltaxa, inas ch’usaschi janir qallantkasinxa ukhamarak istatal parkinak uñjasiña ukat mawk’a pachanak juyart’asiñataki.
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Dataset Card for NLLB Multi-Domain

Dataset Summary

NLLB Multi Domain is a set of professionally-translated sentences in News, Unscripted informal speech, and Health domains. It is designed to enable assessment of out-of-domain performance and to study domain adaptation for machine translation. Each domain has approximately 3000 sentences.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

Multilingual Machine Translation

Refer to the Dynabench leaderboard for additional details on model evaluation on FLORES-101 in the context of the WMT2021 shared task on Large-Scale Multilingual Machine Translation. Flores 200 is an extention of this.


Language FLORES-200 code
Central Aymara ayr_Latn
Bhojpuri bho_Deva
Dyula dyu_Latn
Friulian fur_Latn
Russian rus_Cyrl
Wolof wol_Latn

Use a hyphenated pairing to get two langauges in one datapoint (e.g., "eng_Latn-rus_Cyrl" will provide sentences in the format below).

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

See Dataset Viewer.

The text is provided as-in the original dataset, without further preprocessing or tokenization.

Data Fields

  • id: Row number for the data entry, starting at 1.
  • sentence: The full sentence in the specific language (may have _lang for pairings)
  • domain: The domain of the sentence.

Dataset Creation

Please refer to the original article No Language Left Behind: Scaling Human-Centered Machine Translation for additional information on dataset creation.

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

See paper for details.

Licensing Information

Licensed with Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0. License available here.

Citation Information

Please cite the authors if you use these corpora in your work:

  author    = {NLLB Team, Marta R. Costa-jussà, James Cross, Onur Çelebi, Maha Elbayad, Kenneth Heafield, Kevin Heffernan, Elahe Kalbassi,  Janice Lam, Daniel Licht, Jean Maillard, Anna Sun, Skyler Wang, Guillaume Wenzek, Al Youngblood, Bapi Akula, Loic Barrault, Gabriel Mejia Gonzalez, Prangthip Hansanti, John Hoffman, Semarley Jarrett, Kaushik Ram Sadagopan, Dirk Rowe, Shannon Spruit, Chau Tran, Pierre Andrews, Necip Fazil Ayan, Shruti Bhosale, Sergey Edunov, Angela Fan, Cynthia Gao, Vedanuj Goswami, Francisco Guzmán, Philipp Koehn, Alexandre Mourachko, Christophe Ropers, Safiyyah Saleem, Holger Schwenk, Jeff Wang},
  title     = {No Language Left Behind: Scaling Human-Centered Machine Translation},
  year      = {2022}

Please also cite prior work that this dataset builds on:

  title={The FLORES-101  Evaluation Benchmark for Low-Resource and Multilingual Machine Translation},
  author={Goyal, Naman and Gao, Cynthia and Chaudhary, Vishrav and Chen, Peng-Jen and Wenzek, Guillaume and Ju, Da and Krishnan, Sanjana and Ranzato, Marc'Aurelio and Guzm\'{a}n, Francisco and Fan, Angela},
  title={Two New Evaluation Datasets for Low-Resource Machine Translation: Nepali-English and Sinhala-English},
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  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.01382},
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