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Really interesting dataset, is there any possibility to have a sample of it ? With the digitilized images ? Complicated to conceptualize it without downloading everything :D



If you want to avoid downloading as much as possible, you could load a single of the underlying parquet files from the hub (i.e. one of the files here)

from datasets import load_dataset
dataset = load_dataset('parquet', data_files='')

This will only download ~183MB of data.

With the digitilized images ?

The dataset is based on this dataset which only includes the OCR text + metadata. Getting them via an API might be possible, but I'm not certain about this. cc'ing @cneud , who might know about a way of accessing the images.

Oh that's great for the snapshot, I did not see the sampled parquet files, thank you very much ! I'm looking forward to cneud response to know if we can get easily the pictures.

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Thanks for the ping @davanstrien !

@agomberto Nice to see interest in this dataset. If you would like to obtain also images, there is the possibility to get them via IIIF API v2.1 as described here: (scroll down a bit until the IIIF section). You only need the PPN identifier - as in e.g. for the full resolution image and/or for the corresponding OCR file of page 10 of the document with PPN=867445300. Last but not least, to see all pages for a document, you can go to the digital collections and again use the PPN like in

Thank you very much @davanstrien and @cneud really great insights from your comments :)

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