Community Events

Sep 13, 2022 Hugging Face AI Hardware Summit Workshop Learn from Hugging Face experts how to use Graphcore IPUs, Habana Gaudi AI Hardware Accelerators with Optimum! Jun 15 to Jul 15, 2022 fastai X Hugging Face Group 2022 Share Vision and Text pre-trained fastai Learners with the community. Jun 22, 2022 Twitter Space with ONNX RunTime Join our live discussion with the ONNX RunTime team about accelerating Transformers with Optimum! Jun 22, 2022 Data2vec Reading Group Join us to talk about data2vec, a model that works across different modalities - text, audio, and images. Jun 15, 2022 Hugging Face VIP Party at the AI Summit London Come meet Hugging Face at the Skylight Bar on the roof of Tobacco Dock during AI Summit London! 6pm-9pm Jun 10, 2022 Masader Hackathon A sprint to add 125 Arabic NLP datasets to Masader,, 5pm-7pm Saudi Arabia time. June 9, 2022 Introduction to Hugging Face Ecosystem at PyData Paris An extensive introduction to the open-source ecosystem in Hugging Face. June 8, 2022 Computer Vision with Hugging Face In this session, Niels Rogge walks us through the tools and architectures used to train computer vision models using Hugging Face. Jun 6, 2022 How to Teach Open-Source Machine Learning Tools Learn how the open-source ecosystem can be used in your machine learning and data science classes. Apr 13, 2022 Accelerate BERT Inference with Knowledge Distillation & AWS Inferentia Accelerate BERT Inference with knowledge distillation & compiling using Hugging Face Transformers, Amazon SageMaker & AWS Inferentia.