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This is the Full-Weight of WizardLM-13B V1.2 model, this model is trained from Llama-2 13b.

WizardLM: Empowering Large Pre-Trained Language Models to Follow Complex Instructions

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  • πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯[2023/08/26] We released WizardCoder-Python-34B-V1.0 , which achieves the 73.2 pass@1 and surpasses GPT4 (2023/03/15), ChatGPT-3.5, and Claude2 on the HumanEval Benchmarks. For more details, please refer to WizardCoder.
  • [2023/06/16] We released WizardCoder-15B-V1.0 , which surpasses Claude-Plus (+6.8), Bard (+15.3) and InstructCodeT5+ (+22.3) on the HumanEval Benchmarks. For more details, please refer to WizardCoder.
Model Checkpoint Paper HumanEval MBPP Demo License
WizardCoder-Python-34B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link πŸ“ƒ [WizardCoder] 73.2 61.2 Demo Llama2
WizardCoder-15B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link πŸ“ƒ [WizardCoder] 59.8 50.6 -- OpenRAIL-M
WizardCoder-Python-13B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link πŸ“ƒ [WizardCoder] 64.0 55.6 -- Llama2
WizardCoder-Python-7B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link πŸ“ƒ [WizardCoder] 55.5 51.6 Demo Llama2
WizardCoder-3B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link πŸ“ƒ [WizardCoder] 34.8 37.4 -- OpenRAIL-M
WizardCoder-1B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link πŸ“ƒ [WizardCoder] 23.8 28.6 -- OpenRAIL-M
  • πŸ”₯ [08/11/2023] We release WizardMath Models.
  • πŸ”₯ Our WizardMath-70B-V1.0 model slightly outperforms some closed-source LLMs on the GSM8K, including ChatGPT 3.5, Claude Instant 1 and PaLM 2 540B.
  • πŸ”₯ Our WizardMath-70B-V1.0 model achieves 81.6 pass@1 on the GSM8k Benchmarks, which is 24.8 points higher than the SOTA open-source LLM.
  • πŸ”₯ Our WizardMath-70B-V1.0 model achieves 22.7 pass@1 on the MATH Benchmarks, which is 9.2 points higher than the SOTA open-source LLM.
Model Checkpoint Paper GSM8k MATH Online Demo License
WizardMath-70B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link πŸ“ƒ [WizardMath] 81.6 22.7 Demo Llama 2
WizardMath-13B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link πŸ“ƒ [WizardMath] 63.9 14.0 Demo Llama 2
WizardMath-7B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link πŸ“ƒ [WizardMath] 54.9 10.7 Demo Llama 2
Model Checkpoint Paper MT-Bench AlpacaEval WizardEval HumanEval License
WizardLM-13B-V1.2 πŸ€— HF Link 7.06 89.17% 101.4% 36.6 pass@1 Llama 2 License
WizardLM-13B-V1.1 πŸ€— HF Link 6.76 86.32% 99.3% 25.0 pass@1 Non-commercial
WizardLM-30B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link 7.01 97.8% 37.8 pass@1 Non-commercial
WizardLM-13B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link 6.35 75.31% 89.1% 24.0 pass@1 Non-commercial
WizardLM-7B-V1.0 πŸ€— HF Link πŸ“ƒ [WizardLM] 78.0% 19.1 pass@1 Non-commercial

Repository: https://github.com/nlpxucan/WizardLM


❗Note for model system prompts usage:

WizardLM adopts the prompt format from Vicuna and supports multi-turn conversation. The prompt should be as following:

A chat between a curious user and an artificial intelligence assistant. The assistant gives helpful, detailed, and polite answers to the user's questions. USER: Hi ASSISTANT: Hello.</s>USER: Who are you? ASSISTANT: I am WizardLM.</s>......

Inference WizardLM Demo Script

We provide the inference WizardLM demo code here.

Please cite the paper if you use the data or code from WizardLM.

  title={Wizardlm: Empowering large language models to follow complex instructions},
  author={Xu, Can and Sun, Qingfeng and Zheng, Kai and Geng, Xiubo and Zhao, Pu and Feng, Jiazhan and Tao, Chongyang and Jiang, Daxin},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2304.12244},

❗To commen concern about dataset:

Recently, there have been clear changes in the open-source policy and regulations of our overall organization's code, data, and models.

Despite this, we have still worked hard to obtain opening the weights of the model first, but the data involves stricter auditing and is in review with our legal team .

Our researchers have no authority to publicly release them without authorization.

Thank you for your understanding.

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