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RobBERT-2023: Keeping Dutch Language Models Up-To-Date

RobBERT-2023 is the 2023 release of the Dutch RobBERT model. It is a new version of original pdelobelle/robbert-v2-dutch-base model on the 2023 version of the OSCAR version. We release a base model, but this time we also release an additional large model with 355M parameters (x3 over robbert-2022-base). We are particularly proud of the performance of both models, surpassing both the robbert-v2-base and robbert-2022-base models with +2.9 and +0.9 points on the DUMB benchmark from GroNLP. In addition, we also surpass BERTje with +18.6 points with robbert-2023-dutch-large.

This is the same model with the same weights as DTAI-KULeuven/robbert-2023-dutch-large.

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355M params
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