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Today, April 26, is the Day of the Tatar Language! 🌟
To celebrate, we release our new language model, Tweety Tatar 🐣

The model was converted from Mistral Instruct v0.2 using a novel technique called trans-tokenization. As a result, the model uses a brand-new tokenizer, fully tailored for the Tatar language.

We also release a model which can be finetuned for translation of English or Russian into Tatar, and achieves a performance similar to commercial offerings:

More details in our upcoming paper 👀
François REMY, Pieter Delobelle, Alfiya Khabibullina

Татар теле көне белән!
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🔥 What's that biomedical model that got 170,763 downloads last month on HuggingFace?! Well, the paper is finally published! #BioLORD

📰 Read our article in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association:

📝TLDR: BioLORD-2023 is a series of semantic language models for the biomedical domain, capable of representing clinical concepts and sentences in a semantic space aligned with human preferences. Our new multilingual version supports 50+ languages and is further finetuned on 7 European languages. These models were trained contrastively and through distillations, using a corpus unifying in the same latent space the concept names of biomedical concepts and their descriptions. For concepts which didn't have a description written by humans in UMLS, we use information contained in the SnomedCT knowledge graph and the capabilities of ChatGPT to generate synthetic data and improve our results.

🤗 Access our models from the HuggingFace hub, including the new 2023-C and 2023-S variants: