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About C4AI Community

This is a space dedicated to open science projects from members of the C4AI research community. For projects led by Cohere For AI staff and immediate collaborators, visit

Our goal with this space is to host a wider number of projects from any member of our open science community. Join our community here:

About Cohere For AI

C4AI Community is a space supported by Cohere For AI, We’re not just another research group. Cohere For AI collaborates openly with independent researchers all over the world to conduct top-tier ML research. We are committed to making meaningful progress in machine learning research through open collaboration.

Our Community

Our community is a space where researchers, engineers, linguists, social scientists and lifelong learners connect and collaborate with each other. We come together from all over the world and welcome you whether you are a mentor, dropout, just getting started, PhD, masters, undergraduate, unaffiliated, industry, academic or not really sure. We are excited to support community-driven research and to be shaped by our members' interests. To host a project in this org, you need to both be part of our open science community and this hugging face org. You won’t be accepted into this org until we have verified you are part of our open science community. Join our community here:

Exploring the unknown, together

This space is supported by Cohere For AI - a non-profit research lab that seeks to solve complex machine learning problems. We support fundamental research that explores the unknown and are focused on creating more points of entry into machine learning research.


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