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This repo contains GGUF format model files for Monsoon-7B-exp-1.

About GGUF

GGUF is a new format introduced by the llama.cpp team on August 21st 2023. It is a replacement for GGML, which is no longer supported by llama.cpp. Here is an incomplete list of clients and libraries that are known to support GGUF:

  • llama.cpp. The source project for GGUF. Offers a CLI and a server option.
  • text-generation-webui, the most widely used web UI, with many features and powerful extensions. Supports GPU acceleration.
  • KoboldCpp, a fully featured web UI, with GPU accel across all platforms and GPU architectures. Especially good for story telling.
  • GPT4All, a free and open source local running GUI, supporting Windows, Linux and macOS with full GPU accel.
  • LM Studio, an easy-to-use and powerful local GUI for Windows and macOS (Silicon), with GPU acceleration. Linux available, in beta as of 27/11/2023.
  • LoLLMS Web UI, a great web UI with many interesting and unique features, including a full model library for easy model selection.
  • Faraday.dev, an attractive and easy to use character-based chat GUI for Windows and macOS (both Silicon and Intel), with GPU acceleration.
  • llama-cpp-python, a Python library with GPU accel, LangChain support, and OpenAI-compatible API server.
  • candle, a Rust ML framework with a focus on performance, including GPU support, and ease of use.
  • ctransformers, a Python library with GPU accel, LangChain support, and OpenAI-compatible AI server. Note, as of time of writing (November 27th 2023), ctransformers has not been updated in a long time and does not support many recent models.

Original README.MD is as follows.

雨季 7B exp-1

Breeze 7B Instruct 與 Silicon-Maid-7B (角扮用) 的 dare-ties merge 試驗性模型。

請用 Silicon-Maid-7B 或是 Breeze-7B-Instruct 所推薦的 Prompt 格式進行操作;以下為模型配置。

Monsoon 7B exp-1

This is an experimental Mixtral-architecture DARE-TIES merge model of 2x 7B sized fine-tunes. Breeze and Silicon Maid are used together.

Model configuration is as follows:

To use the model, please use either prompt templates suggested by the base models.

Merge Method

This model was merged using the DARE TIES merge method.

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Inference API (serverless) has been turned off for this model.