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BARTpho: Pre-trained Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Vietnamese

Two BARTpho versions BARTpho-syllable and BARTpho-word are the first public large-scale monolingual sequence-to-sequence models pre-trained for Vietnamese. BARTpho uses the "large" architecture and pre-training scheme of the sequence-to-sequence denoising model BART, thus especially suitable for generative NLP tasks. Experiments on a downstream task of Vietnamese text summarization show that in both automatic and human evaluations, BARTpho outperforms the strong baseline mBART and improves the state-of-the-art.

The general architecture and experimental results of BARTpho can be found in our paper:

title     = {{BARTpho: Pre-trained Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Vietnamese}},
author    = {Nguyen Luong Tran and Duong Minh Le and Dat Quoc Nguyen},
journal   = {arXiv preprint},
volume    = {arXiv:2109.09701},
year      = {2021}

Please CITE our paper when BARTpho is used to help produce published results or incorporated into other software.

For further information or requests, please go to BARTpho's homepage!

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