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This is a fine-tunned object detection model for fashion.

For more details of the implementation you can check the source code here

the dataset used for its training is available here

this model supports the following categories:

CATS = ['shirt, blouse', 'top, t-shirt, sweatshirt', 'sweater', 'cardigan', 'jacket', 'vest', 'pants', 'shorts', 'skirt', 'coat', 'dress', 'jumpsuit', 'cape', 'glasses', 'hat', 'headband, head covering, hair accessory', 'tie', 'glove', 'watch', 'belt', 'leg warmer', 'tights, stockings', 'sock', 'shoe', 'bag, wallet', 'scarf', 'umbrella', 'hood', 'collar', 'lapel', 'epaulette', 'sleeve', 'pocket', 'neckline', 'buckle', 'zipper', 'applique', 'bead', 'bow', 'flower', 'fringe', 'ribbon', 'rivet', 'ruffle', 'sequin', 'tassel']


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