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Training DALL-E with volunteers from all over the Internet using hivemind and dalle-pytorch (NeurIPS 2021 demo)

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This organization is a part of the NeurIPS 2021 demonstration "Training Transformers Together".

In this demo, we train a model similar to OpenAI DALL-E — a Transformer "language model" that generates images from text descriptions. Training happens collaboratively — volunteers from all over the Internet contribute to the training using hardware available to them. We use LAION-400M, the world's largest openly available image-text-pair dataset with 400 million samples. Our model is based on the dalle‑pytorch implementation by Phil Wang with a few tweaks to make it communication-efficient.

See details about how to join and how it works on our website.

This organization gathers people participating in the collaborative training and provides links to the necessary resources:

Feel free to reach us on Discord if you have any questions 🙂


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