Thank you!! Artificial Intelligence for all instead of for the few is the only way forward. This is exciting for open source!

by tts2902 - opened

I just wanted to share my appreciation for this release. In a time where regulatory capture and censorship within corporate models has reduced capabilities in the name of 'alignment', releases like this give me hope for a better future. The only way forward is for AI to be in the hands of everyone, as the alternative is AI in the hands of the few.

Falcon 180B is a major turning point for open source. This model is an icebreaker as the open source community can now tinker and innovate with a base model that is competitive with the best proprietary ones. This model will have an impact on personalized tutoring, specialized field specific tutoring, personalized assistants, personalized lawyers, and so much more without the censorship and privacy violations we are seeing from companies.

The net positive value this release will provide cannot be understated so thank you! You guys are amazing and I feel like I had to write this to show my gratitude.

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