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Do you believe in a better tomorrow? We do. Our team of expert researchers live the dream and work to build it every day.


  • 📸 Falcon2-11B-vlm is now available. Built on top of the Falcon2-11B model, and released under the same permissive license, this open source model allows users to interact with image content via text.
  • 🎉 TII has just released a new generation of models, starting with Falcon2-11B, a 11B parameters causal decoder-only model and trained over 5,000B tokens of RefinedWeb enhanced with curated corpora. The model is made available under the TII Falcon License 2.0, the permissive Apache 2.0-based software license which includes an acceptable use policy that promotes the responsible use of AI.
  • 💥 TII has open-sourced Falcon-180B for research and commercial utilization! Access the 180B, as well as 7B/40B models, and explore our high-quality web dataset, RefinedWeb.
  • Falcon-40B/7B are now available under the Apache 2.0 license, TII has waived all royalties and commercial usage restrictions.

Falcon2 LLM

Falcon2 LLM is TII's new flagship series of large language models, where we focused on building smaller models with enhanced performance to enable cheaper inference that can encourage the development of more downstream applications and improve the general usability of our models. Paper coming soon 😊.

More details on the new models and their performance can be found in our Falcon2 blogpost.

See below for a detailed list of artefacts in the Falcon2 LLM family:

Artefact Link Type Details
🦅🦅 Falcon-11B Here pretrained model 11B parameters trained on over 5000 billion tokens.
🦅📸 Falcon-11B-vlm Here vision adapted model Integrating the pretrained CLIP ViT-L/14 vision encoder with our Falcon2-11B chat-finetuned model, and trained with image-text data.

Falcon LLM

Falcon LLM is TII's flagship series of large language models, built from scratch using a custom data pipeline and distributed training library Almazrouei et. al.


To promote collaborations and drive innovation, we have open-sourced a number of artefacts:

  • The Falcon-180B pretrained and chat models, under the Falcon-180B TII license. Falcon-180B is the largest and most powerful open-access model available.
  • The Falcon-7/40B pretrained and instruct models, under the Apache 2.0 software license . Falcon-7B/40B models are state-of-the-art for their size, outperforming other open-source models on NLP benchmarks.
  • The RefinedWeb dataset, a massive web dataset with stringent filtering and large-scale deduplication, enabling models trained on web data alone to match or outperform models trained on curated corpora. See 📓 the paper for more information. RefinedWeb is licensed under ODC-By 1.0.

See below for a detailed list of artefacts in the Falcon LLM family:

Artefact Link Type Details
🥇 Falcon-180B Here pretrained model 180B parameters trained on 3,500 billion tokens.
Falcon-180B-Chat Here chat model Falcon-180B finetuned on a mixture of Ultrachat, Platypus and Airoboros.
🥈 Falcon-40B Here pretrained model 40B parameters trained on 1,000 billion tokens.
Falcon-40B-Instruct Here instruction/chat model Falcon-40B finetuned on the Baize dataset.
🥉 Falcon-7B Here pretrained model 6.7B parameters trained on 1,500 billion tokens.
Falcon-7B-Instruct Here instruction/chat model Falcon-7B finetuned on the Baize, GPT4All, and GPTeacher datasets.
📀 RefinedWeb Here pretraining web dataset ~600 billion "high-quality" tokens.
Falcon-RW-1B Here pretrained model 1.3B parameters trained on 350 billion tokens.
Falcon-RW-7B Here pretrained model 7.5B parameters trained on 350 billion tokens.

About us

The Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is a leading global research center dedicated to pushing the frontiers of knowledge. Our teams of scientists, researchers and engineers work in an open, flexible and agile environment to deliver discovery science and transformative technologies. Our work means we will not only prepare for the future; we will create it. Working together, we are committed to inspiring innovation for a better tomorrow.

We are part of Abu Dhabi Government’s Advanced Technology Research Council, which oversees technology research in the emirate. As a disruptor in science, we are setting new standards and serve as a catalyst for change.

Faced with a future of limitless possibilities and supported by strategically funded investments, we are encouraging a culture of discovery. Our work reinforces Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s status as an R&D hub and a global leader in breakthrough technologies.