The email from the license seems unreachable

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/* first of all, thank you a lot for releasing falcon-180B. This is a great step towards open science and democratizing LLMs - and a great precedent for future releases */

We'd love to add falconllm-180B to Petals (a non-commercial research project) - .
This would allow people to run experiments with falcon-180B directly from their laptops or free colab instances.

We're concerned that our project technically contains a library-specific API (see readme). The purpose of this API is to let users run the distributed model from python in a way that is compatible with transformers (see code example). The API is open-source and non-commercial, but it could theoretically fall under sections 9.1-9.4 of the license:

9.1: Hosting Use means any use of the Work or a Derivative Work to offer shared instances ... in an inference or finetuning API form

The license suggests that we send an email to and ask for permission.

Unfortunately, the emails don't seem to get through. We get the following error message from all major email services:


Q1: can we use falcon-180B in Petals?

Q2: can you please check that the email is set up and reachable?

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