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Build, host, and share your ML apps using Spaces in just a few minutes.

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🚀 Use cases

Build your Portfolio

Be it NLP, Computer Vision or Audio models, you can quickly build a demo for your portfolio! All Spaces you create will be shown directly in your user or organization profile.

Craft collaboratively

With control versioning out of the box and git-based workflows, your team can easily collaborate to create magic apps to showcase your models.

Showcase your work

There is no better way of showcasing your models than creating an interactive demo to try them out! With Spaces, your work is accessible one link away. Your Spaces will be discoverable by the rest of the community.

🦄 Use your favorite Python libraries

Streamlit logo
Build interactive and powerful Python ML apps. From data visualization to model demos.
Gradio logo
Create interactive ML demos with just a few lines of Python. Use your own models or existing HF models powered by the Inference API.


Is there a limit of how many Spaces I can have?
No, Spaces allows you to have as many hosted Streamlit, Gradio and Static apps as you want.
Can I use secrets?
Yes, Spaces has secrets management that prevents you from having to hardcode tokens or keys in your app.
Where can I ask questions if I need help?
You can head to our forum.
Is there documentation?
You can find the official Spaces documentation at
What hardware do my demos get?
Each environment is currently limited to 16GB RAM and 8 CPU cores.
Can I use a GPU?
You can upgrade your Space to use a GPU, or even ✉️ request a free upgrade if you are building a cool demo!
Where can I learn more about Streamlit and Gradio?
Gradio and Streamlit are very easy to learn and use. We suggest you to check their respective sites.
Can I add my tool for building apps?
Please contact us if you would like to use your own tool to build apps.