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Provided files

Name Quant method Size
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q2_K.gguf Q2_K 5.2 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q3_K.gguf Q3_K 6.0 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q3_K_L.gguf Q3_K_L 6.6 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q3_K_S.gguf Q3_K_S 5.4 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q4_0.gguf Q4_0 7.0 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q4_1.gguf Q4_1 7.8 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q4_K.gguf Q4_K 7.5 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q4_K_S.gguf Q4_K_S 7.1 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q5_0.gguf Q5_0 8.5 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q5_1.gguf Q5_1 9.3 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q5_K.gguf Q5_K 8.8 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q5_K_S.gguf Q5_K_S 8.5 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q6_K.gguf Q6_K 10.0 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.Q8_0.gguf Q8_0 13.0 GB
chinese-alpaca-2-13b-16k.gguf full 25.0 GB


docker run --rm -it -p 8000:8000 -v /path/to/models:/models -e MODEL=/models/gguf-model-name.gguf hubimage/llama-cpp-python:latest

and you can view http://localhost:8000/docs to see the swagger UI.

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